The Capitol Police, DOJ, FBI & Pelosi, Are Responsible for J6


    by George McClellan, AmericaOutloud:

    As Abraham Lincoln once said, America will never be captured from the outside, but by its enemies within. That warning is becoming manifest. We see it’s the Democrat Party that is America’s enemy within. Now that the long-hidden 06 January 2021 video tapes of former Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s claimed insurrection by Trump’s MAGA conservatives, long withheld from public scrutiny, have finally been revealed on Fox’s Tucker Carlson show. It becomes glaringly apparent who are America’s real criminals in this dramatic episode. It includes the Capitol Police, DoJ, FBI and Pelosi, and most all Democrats who work in those chambers.

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    Except for the Capitol Police Lt. who shot Ashli Babbitt to death, a homicide, in fact, most of the protesters arrested on site or later apprehended at their homes in other states by Merrick Garland’s FBI Gestapo hit squads, nothing shown in those videos ever rose above the level of a mere infraction or misdemeanor. Even the goofball QAnon Shaman in the buffalo hat was escorted throughout the halls of Congress by Capitol police. Yet, he was charged as a felon and treated as a dangerous domestic terrorist feeling the sting of Democrat retribution for challenging the stolen presidential election, the one that installed the demented Joe Biden.

    The exposure of the videos is dangerous to Democrats. Attorneys for the arrestees may soon have a lawsuit ball exonerating their clients from the years-long torturous mishandling, trials, and incarceration at the hands of the Democrat party for mere misdemeanors. If the many reports also confirmed that Washington DC Jailers engaged in brutal physical mishandling of many of those arrestees are true, then certainly some people in the Democrat party system had better “lawyer up” because America is coming after them.

    That raises the question of the DC Judiciary. If the video evidence now being revealed is true, and they saw it, why did they go along with what was clearly an unconstitutional application of the law against mere trespasser misdemeanants? Are their names to be found on Jeffery Epstein’s client list too?

    The 06 January event saw hundreds of people literally invited into the Capitol Building by police, most of who only thought it an opportunity to sightsee and stroll around the Capitol’s interior. The Capitol is the people’s house where many found themselves protesting because they knew the 2020 election was stolen. But, being right or wrong is irrelevant if people can’t express their opinions without fear. Ask any Democrat. They do it all the time!

    This event was weaponized by Nancy Pelosi, who schemed with the Department of Justice and the DC government to pound the crap out of people as retribution for doubting the good intentions of the political class.

    When the FBI’s round-up was completed, scores of people were imprisoned for mere trespassing. Many were sentenced to terms that even most violent criminals in Blue Cities and States don’t experience today.

    What is certain is that no insurrection occurred. A protest, yes! But, when all this shakes out, as it will, those people who spent any time in jail will have the term “political prisoner” to proudly add to their resumes. Not so the tyrannical creeps who conducted the inquisition trials against innocent folks.

    The treachery of RINOs Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger has been dealt with. They have been disenfranchised, so their opinion, except as individual voters or Op-Ed writers, doesn’t count anymore. This tawdry business of Soviet Style show trials will finally run its course. We must now not be distracted but turn our attention to the Southern Border. Mexico’s unintended act of war against American tourists, for whatever reason they were there, still remains basically unaddressed by our government.

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