Sick! TV Show Exposes Panel Of Children To Naked Trans People


    from InfoWars:

    Program attempting to indoctrinate kids into the trans cult

    Vulgar displays of indoctrination being normalized

    A clip from a Dutch television show is going viral online as anti-grooming activists decry a segment where young children are in a room with naked transgender adults to teach the kids being trans is “normal.”

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    In the episode of “Simply Naked,” kids aged 10-12 joined five transgender individuals who undressed in front of them and told their stories.

    After each trans person described what surgery they had, the show cut to one of the young girls in the crowd saying, “At first you think, huh? But later you realize that it’s actually pretty normal.”

    It’s not “pretty normal,” but it’s clear the re-education propaganda worked on the poor young girl.

    “It’s actually really normal,” echoed a boy in the group.

    Asked by the show’s host how it feels after one has a gender reassignment surgery, one of the trans people told the kids it felt “euphoric.”

    After hearing this, one girl said, “I want that too.”

    Of course, everyone wants to feel euphoria but you don’t have to chop your breasts off to have a euphoric experience.

    This European show segment highlights how quickly society is being destroyed by the trans cult of the global elite.

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