SHOCKING mRNA STUDY finds 1 in every 99 Covid-jabbed children age 5 and under require EMERGENCY hospitalization


    by S.D. Wells, Natural News:

    Not every nation in the world is abiding by the Vaccine Industrial Complex rule that no matter how dangerous a vaccine proves to be, all institutions must declare that every vaccine ever created is always 100 percent safe and 100 percent effective. In fact, in Germany and Switzerland, scientists conducted an in-depth cohort examination of over 7,800 children (half were male and half female) for over 3 months after they were “vaccinated” with mRNA shots for Covid-19. Conclusion?

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    The safety profile reveals that the Wuhan virus jabs are 117 percent more dangerous than any vaccination ever created, and 1 in every 99 jabbed kids under 5 years of age required EMERGENCY CARE due to the mRNA clot shot. The CDC does NOT want any American finding out about this study. This will not be printed in any American newspaper, or spoken about for even a second on the American TV news, ever.

    Shocking mRNA study published October 18th, 2022, reveals Covid vaccines are not safe for young children, despite all claims

    It’s been blasted everywhere. All over the news the pandemic “experts” claim the Covid jabs are safe and effective for everyone. Resident Biden claimed it. Talking heads on CNN (the counterfeit network) repeated it over and over. The big lie. The Pfizer shots have been examined, and they are dangerous for children. Get ready to head to the hospital with your child post Covid stab.

    The rate of symptoms (adverse events) for kids post-Covid-jab are off the charts, and the risk of dying from Covid itself beyond super-low, so why bother, ever? Most kids that catch Covid get very mild, slight cases and then have powerful natural immunity for years after. Go figure. To get the mRNA jab risks damaging the child’s heart, possibly forever. Who wants that? Take a look at the graph below and compare that to any other type of vaccine, and you will be shocked.



    No multi-dose influenza vaccine can ever be deemed “safe” that contains mercury, listed as thimerosal. Other vaccines contain known neurotoxins like monosodium glutamate, deadly pig diseases called circovirus, and human abortion cells, so those can never be called “safe” either. Yet still, the mRNA gene-mutating jab is MORE dangerous than all of these, especially for kids under five.

    Even worse, 1.43 percent of every 100 kids that get the mRNA jab suffer from blood-related (pulmonary) injuries to the lungs, blood vessels, and airways. This means the risk of children under 5 suffering illness of the pulmonary system is 204 percent higher following Fauci Flu jabs than it is following any other vaccination ever created. The results also show the same risk is involved for kids regarding neurological disorders from the mRNA stabs – causing illnesses of the brain and nerves. This is deadly serious, but Americans won’t ever know about it, unless they read truth news or hear the Health Ranger talk about it on his podcasts.

    More than 1 in 100 kids under age 5 needed an ambulance or hospital to save them after they got mRNA Covid jab

    More results from the shocking European study conclude this: 1 in every 99 children aged 5 and under required emergency care (ambulatory) or hospitalization (inpatient) following Covid-19 vaccination. Take a look at the graph below and compare that to any other type of vaccine, and you will be shocked.

    Of course, the CDC and NIH will be quick to try to discredit this study. They are run by Big Pharma and in the business of population reductionism by any means, especially by “vaccines” that are always deemed “safe and effective.” It’s a trap. It’s nothing short of a Vaccine Holocaust.

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