New GOP Congress Gains Access to Jan 6 Committee Files – One File is Missing – Why and Where Is It? (VIDEO)


    by Joe Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

    The Jan 6 Committee files are in the possession of the new GOP-led Congress and the documents are being looked through now. 

    On Friday, GOP Reps Matt Gaetz and Dan Bishop joined Steve Bannon and Tim Pool in a discussion on the Jan 6 Committee files.

    The Jan 6 Committee in Pelosi’s Democrat and corrupt House was essentially led by GOP Rep. Liz Cheney.  She lost her reelection by one of the largest margins in US history for an active representative.

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    This criminal and unconstitutional committee’s purpose was to destroy the lives of Americans who knew the 2020 Election was stolen, prevent future protests, push the lie that Joe Biden won legitimately, and destroy President Trump.

    As the House has looked into the documents, they are finding phone number requests from Big Tele (major US phone companies) and Matt Gaetz shared this:

    I wonder if some of these phone numbers are going to match up to members of Congress and some of their staffs?

    During the discussion with the four individuals noted above, Matt Gaetz shared:

    One thing that I found interesting as we went through the files today, is that they are incredibly well organized, and as it relates to outgoing documents, they are almost completely complete.  You can go through by name.  I pulled the Charlie Kirk file and I saw the way that the Turning Point organization was targeted and it’s actually still being unfairly targeted.

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