Media And Political Elites Are Covering For Trans, Anti-Christian Terrorism


    by Eric Simmons, MPA, Big League Politics:

    In the aftermath of the horrific attack on a Tennessee Christian school that has left six dead, including three young children, the media is scrambling to avoid labeling the murderer as a terrorist. As the transgender community prepares for their “Trans Day Of Vengeance,” organized by the Trans Radical Activist Network, Americans mourn the loss of innocent lives due to trans terrorism in America.

    A fanatic community that refuses to tolerate any form of criticism has been at war with the U.S. and Western culture for years. Extremists pushing transgender ideology have infected our schools and public policy with a radical belief system that attempts to remove rational thought from the public discussion.

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    But the war that has made a mockery of our government and institutions has turned noticeably violent, as trans-identifying Americans are committing acts of mass murder at a rate much higher than other segments of the population and extremist rhetoric targeting those with differing opinions runs rampant.

    The violent extremism growing on the left has been nurtured by those in our nation’s most respected institutions. From government officials cheering on acts of violence — or refusing to punish such acts appropriately — to the silencing of criticism by media and Big Tech oligarchs, the stage has been set for an intolerant, entitled and extremely small segment of the population to demand that the rest of America accept their delusions or suffer vindictive and punitive actions that range from harassment and loss of employment to violence.

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