Lunatic Democrats are coming for your gas stations: Climate cultists ban their existence in left-leaning cities


    by JD Heyes, Natural News:

    If federal, state, and local Democrat-run governments can’t force you to buy an electric vehicle (powered by fossil-fuel-burning power plants with battery elements that are mined by black children in Africa working for pennies a day), they will simply take away your ability to put fuel in your gas- and diesel-powered vehicles.

    According to the UK’s Daily Mail, Louisville, Colo., a blue-run city, has decided to prohibit the construction of new gas stations in an effort to combat ‘climate change.’ City councilors representing the town of 21,000 inhabitants voted on Tuesday to limit the number of gas stations available to residents to only six. This proposal effectively puts a cap on the number of gas stations within the city.

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    A seventh would only be permitted if a large retailer takes up the opportunity, the report said, adding that the lunatic measure was applauded by a Louisville city council member who believes that it is a necessary step to ‘combat global warming.’

    “We have an obligation to take every step possible to address the changes to our climate that are ravaging our planet and directly impacting the health, well-being and livelihoods of the constituents we represent in Louisville,” Maxine Most told Fox News.

    The City Council document that including the new ordinance defines vehicle service stations as a business “engaged in the sale of motor fuels and in supplying goods and services generally required in the operation and maintenance of automotive vehicles and the fulfilling of motorists’ needs.” The document adds that “major automotive repairs, painting, body and fender work are prohibited.”

    The new ordinance not only limits the number of gas stations available to residents but also mandates that new gas and service stations must have a minimum of two charging stations for electric vehicles. Additionally, new stations must be located at least 1,000 feet away from existing stations unless they are part of a larger retail center.

    Currently, there are five gas stations in the Denver suburb, with a sixth already approved for construction. There is no indication that the city will be providing any financial assistance to gas station owners who are now going to be required to install infrastructure for electric vehicle charging.

    Limiting fueling stations is a growing trend for Democratic-run municipalities “due to health and environmental concerns with the continued use of gasoline-powered vehicles and equipment,” says the document’s analysis section, Fox News reported, adding: “It points to California municipalities that have passed similar restrictions, like Petaluma, Santa Rosa in Sonoma County.”

    “Gasoline station bans may also be seen as promoting the use of Electric Vehicles (EVs), thus, reducing vehicle emissions and encouraging low-carbon and cleaner energy options for transportation,” the ordinance notes further.

    The new ordinance has set several goals for the city, including fulfilling its municipal electricity requirements with carbon-free sources by 2025, generating 75 percent of the city’s electricity requirements for residential, commercial, and industrial use through carbon-free sources by 2030, and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.

    The document notes: “The proposal for a cap but not a full ban on new gasoline and automobile service stations is in recognition that there will continue to be some demand for gasoline and automobile service stations as more EVs enter the market and gasoline vehicles are transitioned out of the market over time.”

    In 2022, the Louisville City Council implemented an emergency moratorium that prevented the construction of new gas stations until September 2023.

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