EXCLUSIVE: Another Election System Provider – Tenex Software – Like Knowink – Connects to Internet, Not Certified, Not Audited, Across Numerous States


    by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

    On Thursday TGP reported on the BPro election system.  Then on Friday Knowink was uncovered.  Today we have information on another election system provider by the name of Tenex Software.  Together, these companies provide systems that corrupt election administrators could only dream of.

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    On Thursday TGP reported on the BPro election system in New Mexico which is a go-between Dominion and the Secretary of State’s office.  This system is not certified by any election auditor accredited by the US government that we are aware of.  It’s connected to the Iternet and it’s accessible to other entities.  (And yet, New Mexico’s Soros-backed Secretary of State lied and said her systems weren’t connected to the Internet.)

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