Donald Trump Becomes First Former US President Ever To Be Indicted And Is At This Moment Negotiating His Surrender To The Police Awaiting Charges


    by Geoffrey Grinder, Now The End Begins:

    Former President Donald Trump has been indicted on charges stemming from alleged hush payments to adult star Stormy Daniels before his tenure in the White House.

    I love the image at the top of this article, created by AI, showing what it might look like to see Donald Trump arrested, a depiction that I am quite sure Donald Trump would relish. The everyman super-patriot, fighting back against The Swamp and The System, going down in a heroic blaze of glory. But in real life, however, his arrest and handcuffing will like be done “off-camera” so as to not make a martyr out of him. So you can expect Trump will do something to ‘spice things up’ just a tad.

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    “For the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee shall perish; yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted.” Isaiah 60:12 (KJB)

    Tomorrow it will be Day 1,110 of 15 Days To Flatten The Curve, a curve that ironically started when then-president Donald Trump ordered the nation to be locked down for ’15 days to stop the spread’. Now he is about to be locked down, at least long enough to be formally charged with whatever ‘crimes’ they’ve concocted. On an interesting side note, the QAnon Shaman Jacob Chansley was just let out of prison after those pesky videos Tucker released of the January 6th ‘insurrection’ showed Chansley never committed a crime. Anyone else would be terrified of what Donald Trump is about to go through, but the reality star in him loves every moment of it. I am sure we will be discussing this on the Podcast tomorrow, please join us.

    New York grand jury votes to indict Donald Trump over Stormy Daniels hush money – first-ever indictment of an ex-president

    FROM THE SUN US: The historic development will lead to a New York arrest that could look different due to the MAGA leader’s elite status. Trump, 76, has yet to be taken in but will be arrested as he faces criminal charges.

    “A Manhattan grand jury voted to indict Donald J. Trump on Thursday for his role in paying hush money to a porn star, according to four people with knowledge of the matter, a historic development that will shake up the 2024 presidential race and forever mark him as the nation’s first former president to face criminal charges,” the New York Times reported on Thursday evening.

    It’s been reported that the Truth Social lawyers have already reached an agreement with state attorneys and said Trump will fly out from his Florida estate to New York where he will face the charges in person.

    The Truth Social founder’s lawyers reached a negotiation with prosecutors and agreed to fly Trump out from his Florida estate to New York to face the charges in person.

    Like any alleged criminal, the former commander-in-chief will be fingerprinted, photographed, and read his rights, but the steps following the arrest could look different, The New York Times reports.

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