Dangers Of Using Ukraine As U.S. Proxy Against Russia – More Than Three-Quarters Of American Youth Unfit To Serve As Woke Military Unable To Win A Direct War


    by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

    Anyone with even a functioning brain cell knows that Ukraine is nothing more than a proxy for the United States. NATO, led by America, has been tweaking Russia like poking the bear through the cage while using Ukraine as our proxy in a war against Russia.

    With our military decimated by lack of recruitment, 3/4 of America youth unfit for the military and the U.S. focus on diversity and political correctness versus preparedness, the U.S. should not be using Ukraine as a proxy in our war against Russia.

    There is an older meme that offers a visual representation of how the U.S. and NATO have been pushing for war.

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    Not only has the U.S. used NATO, but also used Ukraine since America helped overthrow the democratically elected pro-Russian president of Ukraine to install a western puppet during the Obama administration.

    For more on that, see: “Why Did America Overthrow a Democratically Elected Government in Ukraine?

    Years later we know the true answer to that question…… to use Ukraine, closer to Russia that other NATO puppets, as a proxy in the U.S. war against Russia.

    Ukraine holds no other use to America, and certainly is of no national security advantage, other than a proxy to do our fighting, and let Ukrainians die in lieu of American soldiers.

    Why else would the U.S. be sending tens of billions of dollars to Ukraine, along with equipment and arms?

    As Trends Journal’s Gerald Celente is prone to say, “when all else fails, they take you to war.


    Army ‘woke’ recruitment ads



    America has a serious problem with our military, as we look at new reports, in conjunction with the U.S. military going “woke,” which is hindering recruitment, showing that we would lose a direct war with Russia  and/or China.

    A new report from Council for a Strong America, tells us that “77 Percent of American Youth Can’t Qualify for Military Service.” (2 page PDF here)

    Malnutrition, especially malnutrition manifesting as obesity, poses a threat not only to our nation’s health, but to our national security. Nationwide, 77 percent of youth between the ages of 17 and 24 cannot qualify for military service, an increase from 2017’s ineligibility rate of 71 percent. Overweight disqualifies 11 percent of youth from serving if they so choose, and contributes to the 44 percent of youth who are disqualified for multiple reasons.

    More than 3/4 of America’s youth is unfit for service.

    As to the other 23%, after seeing our recent “recruitment” videos, it is doubtful many would be all that gung-ho about joining, and even more unlikely parents would encourage their children to join.

    Watch, decide for yourself if you would encourage your child, or grandchildren, or any young man or woman to join the U.S. “woke” military.



    Top all of that off with the fact that to meet recruiting goals the U.S. military has “lowered the bar of physical and mental standards required to join the service,” as reported by The Daily Caller.


    Army recruiting plummeted in 2022, while the remaining services just made their recruiting goals for the fiscal year ending Sept. 30, according to Department of Defense (DOD) data shared with the Daily Caller News Foundation. The military is scrambling to adjust policies in a way that attracts more recruits, prompting some lowering of physical fitness and academic standards that could negatively impact military readiness, a military expert told the DCNF.


    The also made the move to reduce “physical fitness standards for women, older soldiers,” via The Hill.

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