We Are About To See The Biggest Escalation Of The War In Ukraine So Far


by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

We are getting dangerously close to a point of no return.  For months, both sides have been continuously escalating the war in Ukraine, and now it appears that we are on the verge of the biggest escalation of them all.  As I have been repeatedly warning my readers for weeks, the Russians have been gathering hundreds of thousands of fresh troops for a massive winter offensive.  The exhausted Ukrainian forces are already stretched incredibly thin, and the losses that they have been suffering over the past couple of months have been nothing short of catastrophic.  If the Russians decide to bring the hammer down, the Ukrainians will be in very serious trouble.

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Of course this is completely contrary to the propaganda that we have been fed for months.  We have been told over and over again that “the Ukrainians are winning”, but that was just a bunch of nonsense.

Now reality is setting in, and the Ukrainians are openly warning that “Russia is preparing for maximum escalation”

Russia is preparing to launch a major new offensive against Ukraine in the coming weeks, a top Ukrainian security official said, adding to mounting concerns in Kyiv and the West that the Kremlin is preparing a renewed push to seize large areas of the country.

“Russia is preparing for maximum escalation,” said Oleksiy Danilov, the secretary of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council, in an interview with Sky News published online early Wednesday local time. “It is gathering everything possible, doing drills and training.”

Yes, if the Russians send hundreds of thousands of fresh troops pouring into Ukraine, it will definitely be considered an enormous escalation of the conflict.

Another Ukrainian official is claiming that the Russians have gathered a total of 500,000 troops for the coming offensive…

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov told French media on Wednesday that Russia had 500,000 troops ready for an attack to come in weeks. That number is far higher than the 300,000 newly enlisted soldiers Russian President Vladimir Putin called up this past autumn.

“Officially, they announced 300,000, but when we see the troops at the borders, according to our assessments it is much more,” Reznikov said.

If that number is accurate, this Russian force is much, much larger than the force that originally invaded Ukraine.

In other words, it looks like the Russians have decided that it is time to stop messing around.

According to Reznikov, the Ukrainians are anticipating that the Russians will attack from the east and the south

He said Russia was likely to ‘try an offensive on two fronts’: In the country’s east, which has been at the centre of brutal fighting in recent months, and in the south.

That assessment may indeed turn out to be accurate.

But I think that the best move for the Russians would be to bring down a hammer blow from the north.

In any event, once the Russians commit hundreds of thousands of new troops to the war, there will inevitably be a response by the western powers.

So what will that be?

Well, former UK Defense Minister Sir Gerald Howarth says that it may become necessary to send NATO troops into Ukraine.

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