Radical Leftism in Government Is to Blame for the Unfathomable Rise of Child Rapes


    by JD Rucker, Discern Report:

    Over the years, I’ve learned to never attribute to politics what can be better explained by culture. For example, many try to blame Democrat policies for the rise of LGBTQIA+ indoctrination in “family-friendly” drag shows or in our own schools, but it’s really the deterioration of cultural sanity and an abandonment of Biblical principles that are the actual culprits.

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    With that said, the rampant “child sex trafficking” problem in America can be attributed to a combination of lagging faith, failing culture, and the criminal-empowering policies of leftists, mostly Democrats. Even the phrase “child sex trafficking” is a failure because it downplays the depravity of the crimes themselves. “Trafficking” can be applied to drugs or illegal merchandise. It implies criminal activity of movement, taking the focus away from the actual heinous crime of raping and torturing children, destroying their lives from the start and greatly reducing the chance that they can live happily and fulfilled.

    We have major problems with Cultural Marxism continuing to rise in America. We definitely have tremendous problems with a population that does not spend nearly enough time on our knees in prayer or reading our Bibles. Both are massive factors in the advancement of raping and torturing of children, but political leftism and radical policies can rightly be attributed as playing big roles as well.

    These policies have reduced the jail time spent by those who get caught, rendering our judiciary impotent to render appropriate judgment on child rapists. These policies have made it “hate speech” to call out those who promote child rape as long as they do so with careful wording. Perhaps worst of all is that the cultural degradation and reduction of faith can both be, in part, blamed on Democrats and their milquetoast Republican cronies for pushing the worship of gods like climate change and wokeness to the detriment of Judeo-Christian values.

    In America today, diversity trumps reality. Equity trumps sanity. Inclusivity trumps quality. In other words, lies trump the truth. This is why child rapists are getting months in jail while someone who entered the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021, may spend years behind bars. This is also why the FBI pulled agents from the field who were hunting child predators so they could track grandmas who spoke out at school board meetings. Our government has prioritized leftist talking points over fighting the good fight against evil. It’s no wonder boys pretending to be girls are raping fellow students in school bathrooms.

    The article below by Michael Snyder over at The Economic Collapse Blog details some of the stomach-wrenching incidents that have been in the news just over the past few days. Expand this out over the months and years and it spells doom for the United States. Our children are in jeopardy and the only way we can fix this is to replace wokeness, Cultural Marxism, DEI idiocy, and anti-faith policies with real justice. If we cannot protect our children, we are a worthless nation that deserves whatever judgment is coming. I will cover this on today’s episode of The JD Rucker Show at 8:00 am Pacific.

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