“Look, Boss, The Balloon, The Balloon;” America is in the Hands of Complete Nincompoops


    by George McClellan, America Outloud:

    To even the most casual observer, this business about a Chinese balloon overflying the USA with its array of military data collecting antenna transmitting full time to CPP satellites and doing nothing about it, is so shockingly laughable that one must wonder how Saturday Night Live will handle it. Apparently, Biden is credited with ordering the thing shot down, but we can’t be sure of that. We know, though, that some Pentagon sophist countered Biden’s order to wait until it cleared the Carolina coast for the protection and safety of the American people lest the debris should plop onto somebody’s head.

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    Inadvertently or not, exposing government stupidity to the sunshine of common sense, i.e., the failure publicly to make a decision about what to do about that damn balloon, only contributes further to the Americans’ loss of confidence in our federal government’s ability to protect us, this time it’s the Dept. of Defense, led by a retired affirmative action general. They perform like a Max Sennett comedy routine of wacky policemen chasing a Charlie Chaplin villain.

    Recall, a couple of decades ago, under Obama’s watch, the Chinese PLA forced down a US Navy spy plane over international waters, interned the crew, and took that plane apart piece by piece, and we’re worried the Chinese might be offended if we shot down their balloon? There should have been a standing unreversible order to the plane’s crew to destroy the aircraft and all its equipment as soon as the crew exited. It was equipped to do so, but it wasn’t! 

    Also, Obama allowed the Iranians to capture one of our drones that should have been destroyed remotely even before it landed, but no, Obama was an Iranian lover. The technology gleaned from that drone is now being delivered to Russia as weapons to attack Ukrainian cities.

    But, back to Joe’s balloon! Joe could not disappoint his Chinese handlers because, all denials to the contrary, Joe and his family are, in fact, unregistered, highly paid agents of a foreign power (or more), and that simply wouldn’t do! DoD’s excuses, justifications, and explanations for their confusion over that balloon follows the Democrat motto: “deny everything, admit nothing, and blame somebody else.” 

    China has responded, claiming it reserved the right to “take further actions.” They criticized us for “an obvious overreaction and a serious violation of international practice.” China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, “China will resolutely uphold the relevant company’s legitimate rights and interests, and at the same time reserving the right to take further actions in response.” Boy, that’s a lot of saber rattling over something short of a party balloon.

    So, Let’s see, tit for tat: Two decades ago, when China had an airplane, it got a fully equipped US Navy spy plane. Today, we got a balloon. China infected the world (and themselves) with a deadly virus, and we reacted as expected, with confusion, freedom-stealing mandates, and tyranny.

    I wonder if we can maybe capture a Chinese submarine and dismantle it without fear of damaging our relations with the CCP? Nah, the chances are better they will capture one of ours and dismantle it instead if we haven’t already given one to them already. Remember, it was Bill Clinton, who gave, repeat… gave, China the Hughes Aircraft Company’s intercontinental rocket guidance system.

    So now China is a world nuclear and Biotech power threatening to take further action, and we’re worried about how to deal with a damn balloon. But, they must put on a public front, “see what we did,” and will doubtless award the pilot of the F-22 raptor who heroically attacked the offending balloon a DFC medal.

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