Joe Biden Releases Executive Order Promoting Woke AI


    by Lucas Nolan, Breitbart:

    Critics have claimed that the new executive order signed by President Joe Biden will lead to the further creation of woke AI that will promote “racial division and discrimination” in the name of an “equity action plan.”

    The Electronic Privacy Information Center reports that President Joe Biden has approved an executive order directing federal organizations to create an annual “equity action plan” to support underserved communities. The order instructs organizations to use AI in a way that promotes equity and complies with the law. The decision has caused debate, with opponents expressing concern about the development of woke AI that encourages racial animosity and discrimination.

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    The executive order, which is titled “Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government,” seeks to combat inequality in a number of fields, including healthcare, education, housing, and criminal justice. The order outlines various steps that agencies should take to ensure that all Americans receive equitable treatment and opportunities and declares that “advancing equity is a moral imperative.”

    The order’s provisions include a section titled “Embedding Equity into Government-wide Processes.” It instructs the Office of Management and Budget’s Director to encourage equitable decision-making, advance equitable financial and technical assistance allocation, and support agencies in advancing equity, as appropriate and whenever possible.

    The section also provides additional guidelines for using AI, stating that “When designing, developing, acquiring, and using artificial intelligence and automated systems in the Federal Government, agencies shall do so, consistent with applicable law, in a manner that advances equity.”

    Critics have denounced the initiative and warned of the development of woke AI that encourages racial discrimination and division. Journalist Christopher Rufo cautioned that the executive order has a specific mandate for woke AI.

    Colin Wright, a fellow at the Manhattan Institute, asserted additionally that such technology might prove fatal to society. He wrote that “Biden is not a moderate. This is a legal sprint to introduce as much radical ideology as possible, broadly and deeply, into our government. This cannot be allowed. If Republicans take office, they must fully root out all of this ideological and social cancer.”

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