If they are willing to poison the chickens to stop them from laying eggs, they are likely poisoning the HUMAN food supply to stop us from having children


    by S.D. Wells, Natural News:

    Even mainstream media news can’t avoid reporting the widespread devastation that is happening to chickens and eggs at farms across the country, sending the pricing of meat and byproducts through the roof. From massive fires and explosions at food processing plants, to animal feed poisoned with arsenic and infertility chemicals, it all seems to be part of the “master plan” by the globalists and Democrats to wipe out the middle class and install dreaded socialism in America.

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    A few globalist-owned and controlled animal feed companies are supplying farmers with tainted chicken feed that allegedly prevent hens from producing eggs, adding to the chaotic food shortages and supply chain breakdowns. Is this another attempt to cripple the entire food supply, including meat and eggs, so everyone will run to the grocery stores and buy genetically-mutated, lab-concocted Franken-meat that Bill Gates funds? It would appear so.

    Purina’s Dumor brand and Tractor Supply’s Producer’s Pride brand of chicken feed stop hens from laying eggs for months

    Not only are hens unable to lay eggs for months after consuming globalist-manufactured tainted feed, but could it be possible those chickens and eggs are also toxic for humans to consume, possibly causing infertility issues for them also? Local egg suppliers and farmers are blowing the whistle on what could be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to corporations purposely trying to cripple the meat and egg supplies of this country, driving inflation through the roof.

    Ever since October, several American egg farmers have experienced ZERO egg production from their chickens, until they switched their feed to a different kind, some even going with goat feed. Now, suddenly, the chickens are laying eggs again, almost back to the normal rate. What is the explanation? Chickens do produce fewer eggs in the winter due to the shorter daylight hours and molting (shedding of feathers), but they don’t usually completely stop laying.

    Many of these farmers say the mass media and Big Food are using the avian flu outbreak as a cover story for the egg laying problem, but that still doesn’t explain why every chicken had completely stopped laying eggs while on the tainted food regimen. What companies are the farmers pointing the finger at?

    Purina’s Dumor brand and Tractor Supply’s Producer’s Pride brand of chicken feed. These are the culprits, and if you follow the money up the line, it leads straight to the corporate gurus and globalists who are urging all humans to stop eating meat and eggs, and start eating grub worms and cockroaches, in order to save the planet from… global warming. Sure. Meanwhile, at the Davos convention, the globalists are all eating salmon and steaks. So, you were saying?

    Strong evidence chicken feed manufacturers are contaminating chicken feed supplies in order to decimate domestic and commercial food production

    It’s now more than obvious there is a deliberate war on food being waged against civilians by the globalists. Centralized suppliers, especially those that supply rural farmers that are mostly Conservatives and Republicans, are obviously out to cripple the egg supply, as strong evidence comes from two particular brands of feed these farmers use regularly.

    This tragedy is forcing people to connect the dots and realize that it’s not just the hen food that’s causing production and infertility problems, but the human food as well. Egg farmers are now on the record saying, “If they are willing to poison my chickens to prevent me from supplying myself or others with eggs, then surely they would poison the food I eat and feed my family.”

    There is a massive public awakening happening now, as food prices soar and supplies get choked out. More people are dying right and left from “unknown causes” and it’s getting worse by the day. People are dropping dead from heart attacks and strokes and many fewer humans have been having babies over the past few years, since the scamdemic began. Coincidence? It’s population reduction, and it’s a war being waged using food, medicine, viruses, dirty vaccines, and supply chain dismantling.

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