If Biden Blew Up Nord Stream 2, Should He Be Impeached for Committing an Act of War Against a Nuclear Power without Congressional Consent?


    by Joe Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

    Did Biden just commit an act of war against a nuclear power?  If so this is certainly impeachable. 

    On Friday TGP opined that Biden should be impeached if he blew up our allies energy pipeline.

    (To be honest, I didn’t want to be labeled a Russian supporter or in collusion with Russia so I labeled the post in this manner.  The point was that Biden should be impeached for doing such a thing.

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    But one clever reader responded.  Here is a summary of what he shared:

    (I can’t confirm or deny whether there was US Govt/Military involvement in the Nordstream 2 pipeline attack, but it is highly important to understand what the historic equivalent of this is, if this event really did take place as reported, that US Military personnel planted explosives on the Nordstream 2 pipeline and later remote-detonated it.

    The historic equivalent is the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, which was the sparking event that resulted in World War I.

    That’s where we are right now.  Like in World War I, that event started alliances to fall in place that hadn’t even been solidified previously.  If this Nordstream 2 event gets further investigated, and proven true that the U.S. was behind it – it’s as if we shot Archduke Ferdinand.

    Many nations that we may have assumed would rally to our side, may rally to Russia’s side instead.  It’s that significant, which is why you have to look at pre-WW1 to see how such an event can change things quickly, and cause a World War to ramp up as a result.

    I may be “early” on this – because it could be 2-3 years before definitive proof comes out (what if –  a Republican becomes President in 2024 and releases/declassifies information to the public about Nordstream 2?).

    Europe won’t like us.  Germans won’t like us if we’re the ones to blame for causing Germany to dig new coal mines, no matter that they’re unprepared and they should have done better for themselves, but still – Europe relations will suffer from this, no matter how we spin it.

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