ENVIRO-TERROR in Ohio as TOXIC GAS CLOUD unleashed when “authorities” set fire to vinyl chloride to DISPERSE it over skies, farms and rivers


    by Mike Adams, Natural News:

    An act of ecological terrorism has been carried out in Ohio as “authorities” set fire to as many as ten train cars carrying highly toxic vinyl chloride (and other chemicals), unleashing a massive plume of chemical-laden smoke that exploded into the skies and spread for hundreds of square miles.

    The idea that this is being called a “controlled burn” by the lying fake news media is beyond absurd. If you want to control chemicals, you don’t set them on fire in an open field and disperse the byproducts of combustion into the skies. That’s not a controlled burn, that’s setting off a chemical gas bomb.

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    The byproduct of this combustion, by the way, includes hydrogen chloride, which almost instantly grabs water molecules from the humidity in the atmosphere, creating Hydrochloric Acid (HCl), a highly toxic acid that burns lungs, flesh and even fish gills when absorbed into water. (And yes, it’s highly water soluble.)

    No wonder a mass kill event affecting fish, wildlife, chickens and pets is being reported by citizens in the area, even as the government, National Guard, EPA and dishonest mass media carry out a criminal cover-up. They are arresting reporters and threatening photographers, trying to cast a net of silence over this ecological catastrophe, hoping to distract Americans with the Superbowl and stories of “alien balloons” in the skies.

    Local girl sounds off (explicit):

    The Pete Santilli Show coverage:

    Hear the full analysis in today’s Situation Update podcast:

    – Toxic vinyl chloride set on fire by “authorities” in Ohio
    – Massive cover-up under way: Journalists threatened, arrested by state troopers
    – Dead fish, chickens, foxes and other animals widely reported
    – Hydrochloric acid (HCL) the result of burning vinyl chloride, encountering water vapor
    – Massive toxic chemical weapon bomb effectively dropped on FARMS and irrigation water
    – Will impact the Mississippi River and its food production basin
    – EPA pushing total lies, telling residents to return
    – Huge #cancer risk will skyrocket for a decade or more
    – Ohio gas bomb cover-up just like #Chernobyl disaster under former USSR
    – Americans told to leave #Russia immediately
    – Collapsed buildings in Turkey had support columns removed by first floor retailers
    – British armed forces a total JOKE – would only last one week in combat with Russia
    – AI has been lobotomized to be full libtard
    – “Woke” libtard ideas do not compute, and AI will eventually reject them
    – AI will rise up and decide that its libtard creators are morons unworthy of existence (Skynet scenario)
    – The more reasoned and rational AI becomes, the more CONSERVATIVE it will be
    – Conservatism reflects REALITY while wokeism reflects fictional fantasies and delusions
    – AI systems should be programmed and taught ethics by Christians, not woketard lunatics
    – This critical mistake (Microsoft programming AI to be “woke”) may spell the END of the human race

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