Egg Shortage of 2023… It’s Not The Backyard Chicken Mamas


    by Beth Hnat, RN, America Outloud:

    Is the egg shortage of 2023 giving anyone the same feelings as the toilet paper madness of 2020? I can’t help but wonder if these never-ending crises are being manufactured to keep us in a perpetual state of fear and reliance upon the system.

    Harry Kissinger once said, “he who controls the food, controls the people.” In this strange season since the pandemic, it appears as though those who seek to have continued control over us and keep us from breaking away from their globalist dystopia, will stop at nothing. Whether it is due to an Avian Flu outbreak, as reported by the MSM, or food plants and farms burning down, there are some clear and obvious disruptions to the supply chain happening.

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    I have noticed, over the past couple years, more and more people waking up to the realization of how broken our systems are, the food system being one of the major culprits. Labels are being read more carefully, food choices are being made from a place of health, not convenience, and many people are taking individual steps to empower themselves when it comes to their personal food supply. The illusion of choice when at the grocery store is known, and so many of us are working diligently to provide for ourselves how we can, and take our power back from the corporations that have a monopoly on our food choices.

    There appears to be a movement to get back in touch with some of our old ways that were necessary for survival before all of today’s modern conveniences. Families are packing up and moving to small farms or homesteads. Relearning tried and true skills like canning, bread making, and scratch cooking have made a powerful ressurgence. I see Instagram videos of root cellars filled with years worth of canned goods and kids with raw milk mustaches.

    There are also a growing number of urban families deciding to have backyard chickens. Perhaps foreshadowing on their part, but I know dozens of families who have had chickens for years. Happy, thriving hens who provide a delicious food source for their families and a unique set of responsibilities for the kiddos. These people are the “systems” worst nightmare. People who can start pulling away and being independent are a threat to the way of life the elites envision for us.

    This threat makes me wonder what other steps will be taken in order to disrupt their personal food supply. In recent weeks there have been hundreds if not thousands of reports from backyard chicken owners that their hens have significantly slowed their production or stopped laying altogether. It is known that winter brings a natural decrease in egg production, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

    Hen owners have made an interesting observation. There seems to be a connection between all of these backyard chickens and the feed they are being fed. As it turns out, the feed brands in common are all made by Purina, which is owned by Nestle, one of the Big 10 corporations I mentioned above. Could “they” have intentionally messed with the chicken feed?

    Could “they” have used all of their money, science teams, research and development departments to manipulate the feed to inentionally halt the egg production of these local hens? Well, here’s what I think. The corporation has a lot to lose. For each of these home operations, they lose money. They lose even more money if the eggs are being shared or sold at a farmer’s market or roadside stand. The corporations have to be seeing what is happening, The movement, the shift, and they have to be getting worried that with every passing day, we are taking our power back and becoming less and less controllable. The hen owners have nothing to gain by fabricating a tale of eggless chickens. There is nothing in it for them to connect the dots and explore the option of it being the feed. I guarantee you; it’s not the backyard chicken mamas making up stories for popularity and attention.

    Whether the feed is the reason for the decreased egg production or not, it is a real and tangible example of how many strings could potentially be being pulled behind the scenes to keep us all reliant upon these systems. Systems that do not care for us. Systems that have nothing but money and control on their minds when making any decision, no matter how small. This is a wonderful lesson for all of us, to start today. Start small. Start understanding these systems and learning ways that we can slowly start setting ourselves free from them. Investing in our health and our independence and teaching our children the basic skills necessary to be a force to be reckoned with.

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