Ad Network Owned by Microsoft Is Using Foreign Disinformation ‘Experts’ to Blacklist Conservative Media Companies


    by Sean Moran, Breitbart:

    The Global Disinformation Index (GDI), a foreign think tank headquartered in the United Kingdom, released an assessment of American online media designed to blacklist conservative media outlets and choke off their advertising revenue. The information is kept on what GDI calls its “Dynamic Exclusion List.”

    Ad networks — including most prominently Xandr — which is owned by Microsoft — are now using this list to refuse to allow advertising on conservative media websites.

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    Microsoft has yet to respond to a request for comment regarding Xandr’s use of the Dynamic Exclusion List, which is censoring conservative outlets.

    GDI in December released its report that detailed the alleged “disinformation risk” for the American online media market in partnership with the Global Disinformation Lab (GDIL), a think tank at the University of Texas at Austin that generates policy recommendations and solutions to combat disinformation.

    The GDI report on the American online media landscape reviewed 69 news outlets, and listed ten outlets it found are the most at risk of spreading disinformation, and ten outlets that are the least likely to spread disinformation. GDI rated conservative sites as having the highest risk for spreading disinformation and liberal websites as the most trusted.

    The report found many left-wing outlets that were the least risky, which include:

    1. HuffPost
    2. New York Times
    3. The Washington Post
    4. AP News
    5. NPR
    6. ProPublica
    7. BuzzFeed News
    8. USA Today
    9. Insider
    10. Wall Street Journal

    GDI labeled NPR, AP News, the New York Times, and ProPublica as the “four minimum-risk sites.” A report from the Washington Examiner detailed that, citing a senior executive, Breitbart News is on the GDI’s Dynamic Exclusion List.

    In contrast, the outlets at most risk of sharing disinformation were right-leaning, which include:

    1. New York Post
    2. RealClearPolitics
    3. Reason Magazine
    4. The Federalist
    5. The Daily Wire
    6. The Blaze
    7. One America News Network
    8. The American Conservative
    9. Newsmax
    10. The American Spectator

    GDI has not responded to several requests from Breitbart News for comment about the nature of its Dynamic Exclusion List and the organizations it partners with, as well as requests to connect with a spokesperson. GDI did not respond to comments requests on December 13, December 27, January 5, and January 23.

    After these many press inquiries, GDI has refused to release its Dynamic Exclusion List despite assertions on its website that its work is guided by “neutrality”, “independence” and “transparency.”

    Breitbart is on the list – somewhere.  But, again, GDI refuses to disclose the full List.

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