The “next pandemic” is coming, says Bill Gates, who says more censorship needed to “moderate some of the insanity online”


    by Ethan Huff, Natural News:

    If you thought Operation Warp Speed was rolled out fast, just wait until the next “pandemic” arrives.

    Covid was just a warmup, according to billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates, who is already warning about the next scamdemic and the speed with which the next round of “vaccines” will be unleashed.

    “Next time what we’ll have is factories that are able to produce [vaccines] far faster, and so just in months you should be able to make enough for the world,” Gates recently said.

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    “So we’ll have enough supply so that prioritization won’t matter because we’ll cover everyone.” (Related: Gates also has plans to “vaccinate” the entire food supply.)

    Corresponding to statements also recently made by fake president Joe Biden about the next plandemic, Gates says that “giant mRNA factories” will soon appear that will churn out all sorts of new vaccines at warp speed.

    “We’re not quite out of the woods yet with this current pandemic, and it’s sobering that we have to think about the next pandemic when we’re just now enjoying the things that we like to do in life,” lamented Folly Bah Thibault, the Al Jazeera host who spoke to Gates just before Christmas about the matter.

    “Why and how ready should we be for the next pandemic?” she went on to ask Gates, to which he responded:

    “Well, governments are there to protect us … but the [covid] pandemic is a disaster that they did not prepare for. The actual resources required to have a global surveillance team to make better diagnostic technologies, to do quick detection. It’s actually not going to be that expensive once the world gets organized and makes it a priority.”

    It’s not if but WHEN the next “pandemic” is unleashed

    According to Gates, it is not simply a possibility that there will be another scamdemic. He has repeatedly stated, including most recently to Al Jazeera, that there will be another one at some point.

    It is not a “matter of if but when,” Gates revealed, warning that people and governments need to “actively prepare” for the next round of global tyranny, which is sure to eclipse the last round.

    Gates wants to see a whole lot more vaccines, a whole lot more “testing” kits, and a whole lot more tyranny the next time a scary disease gets circulated in the news cycle.

    “Picking how we strengthen WHO – create a special organization dedicated to pandemics,” Gates said, adding that efforts must continue being made to “get every country to practice” the things he says need to happen for the next plandemic.

    “So we need a little bit of preparation so that we can stop something before it goes global,” he added. “So we’ll have lots of outbreaks but we need to have less pandemics.”

    Creating a “worldwide surveillance” apparatus of the kind Gates desires is expensive. In order to pay for it, he wants the wealthiest countries in the world, including the United States, to spend $2-$3 billion annually for preparedness purposes.

    Gates always wants to see all old people vaccinated first, this next time around. Young people should only get injected, he says, after all the older people have already rolled up their sleeves.

    Either way, Gates wants there to be plenty of vaccines to go around for everyone, which means billions of dollars must be poured into Big Pharma’s coffers now in order to create more factories and product lines in anticipation of the next scamdemic.

    “We have to make it visible how important these issues are,” Gates stressed. “If the kids were dying in our neighborhood, you know we’d buy the bed nets and we’d make it a priority.”

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