The Incredible Twists In The Ongoing Damar Hamlin Saga Is A Prooftext For Why Conspiracy Theory Exists, To Explain Things That Make No Sense


by Geoffrey Grinder, Now The End Begins:

Damar Hamlin seemingly responded to absurd speculation about his return to Highmark Stadium for the Bills’ Divisional Round matchup with the Bengals on Sunday.

This is one crazy story, and it grows nuttier than a fruitcake with each passing day. Football player Damar Hamlin, a fully vaccinated member of the Buffalo Bills, dramatically went into cardiac arrest during a live presentation of Monday Night Football. Immediately the ‘sponsored by Pfizer’ legacy media began cranking out misinformation to deflect from the reason for Hamlin’s heart trouble, the vaccine. America held its collective breath, anxiously praying for Hamlin to recover, while at the same time forgetting the Jaguars player Uche Nwaneri who had died from a heart attack at 38 years old just 3 days earlier, he was ‘fully vaccinated’ also. But I digress.


Buy the truth, and sell it notalso wisdom, and instruction, and understanding.” Proverbs 23:23 (KJB)

So, Damar Hamlin spends many days in the hospital, 9 days or so, with doctors ministering to him in the ICU, all really dramatic stuff. Then he is released and evidentially well enough to attend the Bills game where they lost to the Bengals this past Sunday. This is where it gets weird. He shows up to the game, not to bask in all the prayers and good thoughts from football fans, but walks in like gang member, face shrouded in a hoodie, whisked in and out flanked with security like a rock star. He is taken to a private box where he is filmed flashing, not the heart symbol, but an obvious Illuminati triangle, along with the “OK sign” and 3 fingers symbolizing 666 from Revelation 13. No one is allowed to get close to him, to talk with him, and then he disappears into the night. Have you ever known someone who was at death’s door and recovered, is that how they acted when they got out of the hospital? He seemed angry, aloof, and not at all like someone recovering from a heart attack. In short, he seemed completely like someone else, and now people are wondering, rightly so, if that was actually him.

None of this is how someone who died on the field of a heart attack only to be miraculously revived days later would act, how do you explain it? Can it even be explained? Anyone not questioning these events is supremely devoid of any sort of critical thinking skills, the perfect target for people like Klaus Schwab and the New World Order. We are being presented with this theater for a reason, did you learn nothing over the past 1,044 Days of 15 Days To Flatten The Curve? Watch the videos below and tell me what it looks like to you in the comment section. I’ll be very interested to see what y’all think.

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