Number of ‘women’ pedophiles suddenly surges


from WND:

But statistics ignore the men who now claim female status

There are cases of women who commit acts of pedophilia, but they are rare. Psychology Today reports they “more often” are men.

“There are believed to be only a small fraction of a percent of women, if any at all, who experience pedophilia,” that publication said.


So why has there been a sudden surge in the number of women who are being reported for pedophilia?

The Post Millennial now has released a report that the answer is as simple as that there aren’t.

But there are an increasingly number of men, who are pedophiles, who now identify as women. And when police record offenses based on a self-identified gender, the numbers get skewed.

The report said, “Women make up such a tiny minority of sex offense convictions, so any misrecording of the sex of the perpetrator can skew the data very quickly. [Labour MP Tonia] Antoniazzi stressed the need for ‘accurate records of the biological sex of the victims and the perpetrators.'”

The report said, “At least 16 regional police forces in the UK record suspects’ sex on the basis of gender identity, leaving no way of knowing whether the large increase is due to an increase in female offenders or those identifying as women.”

The Post Millennial explained, “The number of female pedophiles in the U.K. appears to be rising dramatically, but there is a crucial piece of information that is being overlooked. That is that many police forces around the U.K. are now recording crimes based on self-declared gender identity rather than the material reality of biological sex, leaving some to question the validity of the data.”

For instance, from 2015 to 2019, the number of cases reported of “women” committing child sex abuse rose 84%.

The BBC noted the figures during a recent segment.

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