“Fully Vaccinated” 27-Year-Old Model Dies Suddenly and of Course the Cause of Death is Reported as “Unknown”


    by JD Rucker, Discern Report:

    A young and otherwise healthy model died suddenly this week, yet corporate media refuses to even mention the word “vaccine” in any of their coverage. The latest victim to die suddenly from an “unknown” cause is fashion model Jeremy Ruehlemann, 27, who has been confirmed to be fully vaccinated.

    It’s clear that stories such as this one are becoming more common. I get to see a 30-thousand-foot-view of it all as part of my work at The Liberty Daily and Discern Report. Combing through over a thousand headlines from over 250 news outlets daily allows me to see trends that others might not. I can say with certainty that these “mysterious” deaths are more common just since 2023 began than they were any time last year.

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    According to The Gateway Pundit:

    The sudden death of a young American model has left the fashion industry in mourning. Jeremy Ruehlemann passed away on Sunday. The 6’2 model was born in Mahwah, New Jersey. He was 27 years old. The cause of Jeremy Ruehlemann’s death is unknown at this time.

    As is almost always the case, corporate media followed the same playbook: Mention the death, explain why they’re famous, quickly drop the fact that the cause of death is unknown, then move straight to tributes from family, friends, and colleagues. Neither vaccine status nor Covid-19 are ever mentioned except in the very rare scenario when the victim was unjabbed (like Herman Cain who is still the vaxx-nannies’ go-to example despite the fact that he died before the vaccines were rolled out), in which case that status is broadcast far and wide.

    Here are the first four sentences from the report by the NY Post to demonstrate the playbook:

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