British Cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra Tells BBC 30,000 Excess Deaths This Year Most Likely Linked to mRNA Vaccines (VIDEO)


by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

British cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra joined the BBC this week to discuss the shocking number of excess deaths recorded in Great Britain this year.

recent report claimed 50,000 excess deaths were reported in 2022 compared to a normal year. There are other reports that claim there were 30,000 excess deaths in the UK last year. The excess deaths in the UK last year was the worst in 50 years.


According to Dr. Malhotra the deaths were likely linked to the experimental mRNA COVID vaccines.

Dr. Aseem Malhotra: This is probably a contributing factor. The mmRNA COVID vaccines do carry a cardiovascular risk. And I’ve actually called for a suspension of this pending an inquiry because there is a lot of uncertainty at the moment on what is causing the excess deaths.

The UK and US have seen a serious spike in excess deaths this past year. Both countries implemented vaccine mandates during the COVID pandemic.

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