Beware of “chaos agents” in the medical freedom movement, warns Mathew Crawford


by Ethan Huff, DC Clothesline:

If it is starting to seem like the fight against covid “vaccination” and other tyranny stemming from the scamdemic is a little too coordinated and inauthentic, the reason could be that the health and medical freedom movements are being infiltrated by “chaos agents” whose job it is to misdirect and eventually lead true adherents to the cause straight off a cliff.

Mathew Crawford of “Rounding the Earth” recently discussed this growing problem with The New American‘s Veronika Kyrylenko, explaining that using “controlled opposition” and psychological manipulation, or psy-ops, is a tried-and-true playbook that the “bad guys” use to derail the efforts of the good guys.


Be sure to watch the full video interview with Crawford at The New American.

One recent example of this was the “Freedom Convoy” trucker movement in Canada, which we now know was infiltrated with chaos agents. There was also the January 6 “insurrection,” which appears to have been a deep state inside job. Crawford also voices questions about the recent Died Suddenly documentary – check out our earlier report addressing some of the controversy surrounding Died Suddenly.

Also, be sure to check out earlier coverage about how the so-called “alt right” was actually created by the radical Left as controlled opposition to conservative activism.

Be careful not to jump the gun on calling someone a chaos agent

In order to successfully pull off the types of psy-ops that we are now seeing, the deep state has to spend lots of money – which they have an endless supply of, by the way, thanks to QE-infinity and other fiat currency manipulation scams.

The military-industrial complex, which is flush with cash and weapons, is another driving force behind the controlled opposition of the deep state’s chaos agents.

In the final part of Crawford’s 11-part “Proof of Effective Disinformation” series, Crawford addresses claims made by someone citing the data that Thomas Renz collected from the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) about covid jab injuries and deaths in the military. Crawford, who was brought in by Renz to analyze the data, found it to be unclear.

“While Tom isn’t making this clear, the numbers he presented at the Johnson hearing were invalid and nonsensical,” Crawford wrote in response to someone named Asli Theobald who claims to have been banned from Truth Social for trying to share an article about allegedly doctored data from the DMED database.

Theobald responded to Crawford with a nasty and “wildly accusatory and off-base” message on Renz’s Substack, to which Crawford then responded back with numerous links to his own articles about the subject.

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