by Jim Quinn, The Burning Platform:

    In Part 1 of this article, I laid out the mass formation psychosis theory postulated by Mattias Desmet in his book The Psychology of Totalitarianism and how totalitarian minded politicians and bureaucrats manipulated the masses by creating the covid crisis. Now I will focus on how this will impact the Fourth Turning we are currently trying to survive.

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    Decades of social indoctrination and degraded ability to think critically has left most people hopelessly unable to resist the vitriolic opinions of those under the spell of coronavirus mass formation. Even though they didn’t necessarily believe the covid narrative, especially when it became clear only the very old (especially when tyrant governors inserted infected patients into nursing homes) and the very obese actually died with covid, these people still went along. Even the CDC admitted only 6% of deaths were attributable to covid alone.

    Based upon research like the Milgram Experiment, we know average people will obey authority without question, even when know their actions are causing pain. The conformity research done by Solomon Asch explains why a huge percentage of the global population just conformed to what appeared to be a majority opinion. Asch’s experiment had 8 test subjects, but 7 of them worked for Asch. They asked them which line was the same length as Exhibit 1. The 7 Asch employees answered C. Only 25% of the case subjects consistently answered A. They were cowed into giving a patently absurd answer due to peer pressure and lack of faith in their own judgement.

    Solomon Asch study social pressure conformity experiment psychology

    When you have 30% of the population as true believers of the covidian religion, with their savior Fauci, prophets Walensky, Birx, Gottlieb, Biden, the pope, a slew of Big Pharma paid priests for hire, Hollywood elites, low IQ athletes, and a highly compensated mass media campaign of fear and loathing, the 40% in the middle really had no chance to not be pulled into the vortex of pandemia. From the outset they were inundated with data like Neal Ferguson’s Imperial College model of death. Putting up a scary chart, even though it was based on absurd assumptions, is considered fact by the lazy, non-thinking masses.

    Shutting down the world was based on this worthless fraudulent model. Add some fake videos of dead people piling up in the streets in China, with media talking heads declaring hospitals being overrun (even though nurses had time to do coordinated dance routines on Tik Tok), and graphics on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox showing cases rising (based on a faulty PCR test set too high), and Fauci knowingly lying about the effectiveness of masks and the ineffectiveness of ivermectin and hydroxychloquine, and you’ve got panic.

    Cases were not sicknesses. Covid deaths were deaths from something else, while testing positive for covid. The average age of “covid” deaths was 83. The overall survival rate was 99.7%. If you were under 70 it was 99.9%. If you were under 40 it was 99.999%. It was nothing more than the annual flu, with a multi-billion-dollar marketing budget, paid for by the same taxpayers who were locked down and out of work.

    KUSI News on Twitter: "COVID-19 survival rates for different age groups, per the @CDCgov. https://t.co/lcEHIqAM6D" / Twitter

    Anyone with the gall to dispute the narrative with factual data, sound reasoning, and pointing out the cure was worse than the disease, became an enemy of the state and subject to intolerant attacks, cancellation from society, and censorship on par with the worst totalitarian regimes in history. The physicians’ principle of Do No Harm was discarded for the almighty buck. The measures taken to “defeat” a relatively benign virus wreaked havoc upon the world economically, socially, and psychologically.

    The damage they caused and the unintended consequences they unleashed will have a profound negative impact on the world forever. The animosity, mistrust, fear, and suffering created by those running this shitshow will fuel the coming chaos, havoc and war which always arrives during the waning years of a Fourth Turning. The 30% still firmly under the sway of their mass formation psychosis will never hold Fauci, Biden and the myriad of covid cronies responsible for their crimes against humanity. As Desmet explains, everything can be rationalized by the covidian cult.

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    “Another consequence, that is very typical for totalitarian states, is that people become radically intolerant for dissonant voices. Because if someone tells another story, if someone claims that the official story is wrong, then this person threatens to wake the people up and they will get angry because they’re confronted with the initial anxiety and the initial psychological discontent. So, they direct all that aggression at these dissonant voices, at the other voices. And at the same time, they are radically tolerant for their leaders, for the people who pronounce the mainstream narrative. These people can actually cheat and lie and manipulate and do everything they want, but they will always be forgiven by the crowd because the crowd seems to think that they do it for their own sake. That’s also part of the mechanism of mass formation.” ― Mattias Desmet – The Psychology of Totalitarianism

    Being wrong means nothing to those who have latched onto a narrative that gives their lives meaning. This is what explains how seemingly intelligent people could believe an utterly absurd narrative, built upon falsified data, inaccurate statistics, and irrational hype. Subjective conclusions pronounced by those who benefited from those conclusions are not objective facts. The last two years have been a far greater psychological calamity than biological catastrophe. The mental illness which has infected the masses has opened the Pandora’s box of totalitarianism and a surveillance state never envisioned by Orwell in his worst dreams.

    The lockdowns and vaccines have caused more death than they prevented. Suicides, overdose deaths, deaths due to preventative healthcare not accessed, deaths by ventilators and Remdesivir, deaths due to not allowing doctors to prescribe ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, and now sudden deaths from the Pfizer and Moderna jabs are all verifiable and factual, but no empathy from the covidian cult is forthcoming for these victims. As Desmet points out, once the mass formation began it encouraged various factions to keep it going for their own self-interest. The cult never wants it to end.

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