The Nine Satanic Statements Reveal We Are in A World of Evil Doers


    by Greg Boulden, America Outloud:

    Perhaps you feel the energy has shifted in the world. You are aware that after the pandemic, there seems to be something off. I have had this conversation with many people over the past two years but did not know how to best name the experience. There is rampant devaluing and attacking of human life, and the most innocent of creation is being targeted with abusive advertisements.

    Balenciaga is still under fire for its campaign that was shown to promote the sexualization of children. Their long-time advertising associate has been seen wearing satanic ritualistic clothing and items going back many years. This led me to wonder, what if the war of good versus evil was less hyperbole and instead our reality?

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    In 1969 there was a book published for the church of satan, called the Satanic Bible. This book features nine satanic statements that those who wish to be a member should understand and follow. Researching today’s show, I found myself chilled to juxtapose the stories and barometer of the past several years in relation to these statements. We are in a war of good versus evil. And the greatest trick some have pulled is trying to convince us that evil does not exist.

    After listening to today’s episode, I ask you to reflect and take your own inventory. Are you seeing evil and satanism rampant in the cultural shift?

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