Gardasil’s Long Shadow of Autoimmunity Confirmed — Again — by New Study


    from Childrens Health Defense:

    Before experimental COVID-19 shots started taking serious vaccine injuries to new and shocking heightsMerck’s aggressively marketed human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine — the quadrivalent Gardasil jab fast-tracked in 2006 for girls and later also for boys — earned a reputation for being one of the most dangerous vaccines ever approved.

    Safety signals were already evident during Gardasil’s clinical trials, and by 2013, researchers were noting the “unusually high frequency of adverse reactions related to HPV vaccines reported worldwide.”

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    That year, Gardasil’s disproportionately harmful impact — even when compared to other shots that are far from benign — was responsible in the U.S. for three-fifths of all serious vaccine reactions reported in young women under age 30, including 64% of deaths and 81% of cases of permanent disability.

    Yet in 2014, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) went ahead and approved Gardasil’s equally treacherous successor, the nine-valent Gardasil 9, and in 2016 — when GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) withdrew its poorly competing bivalent HPV vaccine Cervarix from the U.S. market — Gardasil 9 became “the only game in town.”

    Currently, Gardasil 9 is FDA-approved for males and females ages 9 through 45 years.

    The firm Baum Hedlund Aristei & Goldman and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., chairman and chief litigation counsel for Children’s Health Defense (CHD), have filed more than two dozen lawsuits on behalf of young people injured by Gardasil, alleging a panoply of Merck misdeeds that include fraud and negligence.

    In August 2022, a judicial panel consolidated the lawsuits into a single federal courtroom.

    Some of the signature impacts observed following HPV vaccination — which afflict a number of the plaintiffs — include permanently disabling autoimmune and/or neurological conditions such as postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), fibromyalgia and myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS).

    Now, a new study out of Denmark, published in the Journal of Autoimmunity, adds to the body of literature linking HPV vaccination and autoimmunity. The study shows that HPV-vaccinated girls and young women experiencing long-term Gardasil complications exhibit not just symptoms but also specific biological markers consistent with autoimmune conditions.

    Context for the Danish study

    In a type of descriptive study called a case series, clinicians consistently enumerated  symptoms of autoimmunity in HPV vaccine recipients.

    The Danish study aimed to connect the dots between these reported symptoms and “biologic and/or pathophysiologic changes” measured in hundreds of girls and young women who received quadrivalent Gardasil and who sought care, mostly between 2015 and 2018, for “long-term complications.”

    The study represents “the to date largest cohort of cases with suspected side-effects to HPV-vaccination in the form of a high proportion of several incapacitating symptoms.”

    The symptoms arose either after a first (30% of study participants), second (27%) or third (43%) HPV vaccine dose; three out of five participants experienced symptoms within a month of the dose in question.

    A third of the study participants (32%) had been suffering from Gardasil’s ill effects for more than five years, and another 18% for at least three years.

    For comparison purposes, the researchers included a control group of “HPV-vaccinated females free of symptoms,” matched by age and sex, and recruited from local schools.

    The study’s authors (the University of Copenhagen’s Dr. Jesper Mehlsen and colleagues from other Danish and German institutions) emphasize two key points that make the HPV vaccines particularly likely to provoke autoimmune responses.

    First, both Gardasil formulations (as well as Cervarix) are adjuvanted with aluminum and are, therefore, “highly immunogenic” — the aluminum compounds intentionally “gin up an immune response that otherwise would be unlikely to occur.”

    Autoimmunity expert Yehuda Schoenfeld, who coined the term “autoimmune (auto-inflammatory) syndrome induced by adjuvants” or ASIA, has emphasized that “the same mechanisms which drive the immune-stimulatory effect of adjuvants have the capacity to provoke a variety of autoimmune adverse reactions.”

    In the case of Gardasil, the adjuvant is Merck’s proprietary (meaning secret), never safety-tested in humans amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate (AAHS); the amount of AAHS in Gardasil 9 is more than double that of the original Gardasil.

    In Europe, evidence indicates that the European Medicines Agency allowed AAHS to be introduced without any prelicensure safety evaluation.

    A second point reiterated by Mehlsen and co-authors and made previously by others who have studied HPV vaccines is that some of the proteins in the HPV jabs “overlap” with human proteins.

    The term that scientists use to describe this overlap is molecular mimicry.

    Schoenfeld argues that molecular mimicry — especially when helped along by the powerful adjuvants — can produce immune cross-reactivity, “essentially causing autoimmune disease.”

    The Danish authors mention that some epidemiological studies have found associations between quadrivalent Gardasil and a laundry list of autoimmune conditions — Addison’s diseaseBehcet’s syndromeceliac diseaseGuillain-Barre syndromeHashimoto’s thyroiditislupuspemphigus vulgarisRaynaud’s diseasetype 1 diabetes and more — before resorting to statistical shenanigans to erase the significance of their findings.

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