COVID-19 Vaccination, 911 Calls, Disaster Strikes in Flight


    by Dr. Peter McCullough, America Outloud:

    For nearly two years, clinicians have been warning government leaders and the public about COVID-19 mass vaccination and the scenarios that can lead to cardiopulmonary arrest. There are many well-documented acute anaphylactoid reactions that happen in the vaccine center requiring CPR and advanced life support. After the patient goes home, there can be “reactogenic” symptoms that develop over the next few days, including chest pain, palpitations, and well-documented cardiac death due to acute myocarditis.

    What is far more common, but more insidious is either subclinical myocarditis leading to a scar in the heart and the nidus for a fatal arrhythmia or a blood clot developing in the legs or pelvic veins followed by sudden embolism to the lungs. Both circumstances would create the vignette consistent with a young person suffering witnessed or unwitnessed cardiac arrest.

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    In this issue of the Report, we have Mr. Josh Yoder1 of US Freedom flyers, who reports on an in-flight disaster where a 36-year-old pilot, without any known medical problems, has a cardiac arrest shortly after takeoff. You can imagine the panic that occurred in the cockpit and in the minutes that followed. You must listen to this segment to find out what happened.

    We have a clip from Dr. Retsef Levi of MIT, on the increased rates of paramedic 911 calls in Israel that coincided with the COVID-19 vaccination program.2 His paper has been published on these data and is well cited by others with a concern that the vaccines have created a public health hazard. In each and every case where there has been a cardiopulmonary arrest in a person with no antecedent illness and no other obvious cause of death (drug overdose, suicide, car accident, etc.), it is a reasonable and conservative position to attribute the death to COVID-19 vaccination.

    The families can quickly clear this up for the public if the assumption is wrong by simply stating the person was unvaccinated. But in each case that comes in and the family is regretfully silent, it is likely the victim was vaccinated, given the very high rates of uptake over the past two years. Our music contribution was from Frances Scott of Austin, TX, and the artist is NEEDTOBREATHE with “Difference Maker” from the album “Rivers in the Wasteland.”3 Finally, check out the book trailer for “Courage to Face COVID-19”.4

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