White House Tries to Politicize Thanksgiving with Leftist Talking Points to Defend Joe Biden


    by Charlie Spierling, Breitbart:

    The White House on Wednesday distributed leftist talking points for predictably insufferable supporters of President Joe Biden to use for attacking Republicans during Thanksgiving family gatherings.

    The list of talking points was shared by White House chief of staff Ronald Klain on social media.

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    “One last item for your Thanksgiving dinner: some talking points when ‘that Uncle’ comes ‘at you’ about the president,” he wrote on Twitter.

    The list tries to argue that Biden is actually “tackling inflation,” even though the cost of a Thanksgiving meal is up by 20 percent from last year.

    It also tries to denounce Republicans in Congress as “EXTREME” because of their position on protecting unborn children.

    The White House document also falsely claims that Republicans want to “put Medicare and Social Security on the chopping block” and “raise costs” on Americans by repealing Biden’s multi-billion dollar climate spending agenda.

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    The rest of the list details Biden’s government price controls on prescription drugs, his massive infrastructure spending, and subsidizing semiconductor manufacturing as big victories for the American people.

    It also promotes Biden’s gun control bill as a big victory for Americans.

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