The Irony of All Ironies


    by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

    The state of Florida recently enacted legislation against teaching “critical race theory” in Florida public schools and universities.  Critical race theory amounts to indoctrinating white kids into the belief that they are racist, because being a racist is what it means to be white.  The white population in Florida who foot the tax bill for public education don’t like paying for brainwashing their kids with the belief that the kids and their parents are racists.

    A couple of leftwing freaks, Adriana Novoa, a professor at the University of South Florida, and a student, Sam Rechek, sued the state of Florida in federal court claiming that the law is government censorship. US federal district judge Mark Walker, a highly partisan Democrat and Obama appointee, has blocked enforcement of the law.

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    In ordering an injunction blocking enforcement of the law, Judge Walker said that the law struck “at the heart of open-mindedness and critical inquiry.”  He accused the government of Florida  of “taking over the marketplace of ideas to suppress disfavored viewpoints,” thereby limiting what professors could teach.

    Think for a moment about the utter absurdity of what this highly partisan Democrat “judge” has said.  Do universities have speech codes?  Yes.  Do these speech codes “suppress disfavored viewpoints,” thereby limiting what professors can teach and students can say?  Yes.  Are these speech codes that “strike at the heart of open-mindedness and critical inquiry” enforced by the universities?  Yes. Are the speech codes discriminatory in their application?  Yes.  Whose speech is limited?  Whites.  What speech is limited?  Truthful statements that “aversive racism”–the doctrine that whites are racist regardless of intention–is false, and that gender is biologically determined and not self-selected.  

    There are many other false arguments that cannot be challenged–such as the Civil War was fought over slavery.  Indeed, no one dares ask, if the liberal account of the Civil War is correct and it was fought over slavery, how whites could possibly be aversive racists when hundreds of thousands of them died died fighting to free the black slaves?  If white Americans are racists, how did Obama get elected? Was it another stolen election?

    But, of course, nothing today makes any sense, least of all anything coming out of Judge Walker’s mouth.

    Does anyone believe that it would be possible to teach critical race theory if the target was blacks or Jews and not whites?  It would be hate speech, a hate crime.  Professors would be fired and students ejected from the university.  They would be unemployable.  

    But it is permissible to offend white Americans. They can be called racists and worse all day long and no one is fired and no federal judge intercedes.  When democracy intercedes, Democrat judges like Walker overrule the people.  

    To be clear, what has been established in America, allegedly a democracy, is an evil program that occupies the moral high ground and is dedicated to demonizing white people, to destroy their confidence in themselves, their history, literature, culture, to reduce them to second class, if not criminal, citizenship.  

    We see it everywhere. Merit is demonized as racist, as a tool of white supremacy.  Merit has allegedly been used to suppress people of color.  The “solution” chosen is to establish a system of rights based on race.  Restitution requires more rights for people of color than whites are permitted to have.  Blacks and Jews can claim to be offended, but whites cannot.  Anything can be said against whites, and if a white challenges it, his challenge is proof that he is a racist and in denial.

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