The Great Reset: How World Governments are Playing GOD with Global Depopulation


by Dean Garrison, DC Clothesline:

Everything is starting to make more sense as I go further down the “rabbit hole.” I can’t help my curiosity. The truth is much stranger than fiction and much more important.

A lot of my oldest and dearest friends are worried about me and I understand why. They see a disabled man who is spending his energy fighting what they feel is a losing battle. I tell them that I am not going down without a fight and they shouldn’t either. I will fight for them and YOU until my last breath. That is what I have been called to do.


Recently I wrote 2 articles that I would love everyone to see, because today is just the next chapter in the story. It’s not because of my writing but the video evidence contained within those articles.

Those articles will both open in new windows, if you are on a laptop or desktop, so you can continue reading this first. Don’t even worry about reading what I wrote in those two articles. Just watch the videos the articles contain. You will see evidence that Covid is killing people through vaccines and that governments are playing God by controlling the weather and depopulating the earth on purpose through “geoengineering.” The covid vaccines are also altering human DNA. It has already started.

We hear the term “The Great Reset” often and barely understand what they are talking about. It’s not conspiracy theorists pushing that term. It’s politicians and The World Economic Forum.

They make many fall in love with a plan that simply does not involve nor include them. They are playing God, but also weeding out unnecessary people like you and me as well as their own supporters. They make you fall in love with the idea without telling you that you aren’t part of it. I’ll prove that to you with the later videos.

Before I go on I want to give you a couple of quick truths about me. First I am disabled and keep writing because I believe that this is what God wants me to do. The world is in serious trouble and I’m trying to help. Secondly, I have to learn as I go and am not necessarily an expert on most things. But the following videos may frighten you as much as they do me, because they are not really hiding what is going on. The Great Reset is NOT an innocent strategy to save the world from future problems. It is more a case of humans playing God and believing they can replace God. If these things happen your freedoms are lost forever and the bad news is that they are already progressing at break neck speed.

The first video is going viral on Rumble and clearly shows how many world leaders are trying to create a new human race.

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