Major News on Vaccinated COVID Deaths, but the White House Decides to Lie Anyway


    by Bonchie, Red State:

    For years, the COVID-19 vaccines have been pushed as a magic elixir, so potent and effective that they warranted being forced onto the population by way of government mandates. Even after it became clear that the vaccines didn’t stop the spread of the coronavirus, thus eliminating their communal benefit, the White House and some Democrat-led states marched on, stubbornly promoting them and other nonsensical policies like vaccine passports.

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    Unfortunately, things have not gotten better with time. Dr. Anthony Fauci delivered his supposed final press conference on Tuesday, and White House COVID Czar Ashish Jha opened things up with this ridiculously false claim.

    It never ceases to amaze me how comfortable the government’s medical establishment (which is then parroted by politicians) is with just outright lying to the American people. The idea that all COVID-19 deaths can be prevented if everyone got a “booster” is so devoid of science as to mimic parody. There is not an ounce of data to back up that absolute.

    And while the wisdom of natural immunity may have been worth arguing over in the past given that an initial contraction of COVID-19 presented risks, now that essentially the entire country has caught the virus at some point or another due to Omicron, things simply are as they are. Continuing to push the vaccines as an unfailing, singular remedy is an insane level of gaslighting. At the same press conference, Fauci himself baselessly asserted that if the country has an issue with COVID-19 deaths during the coming winter, it would be because of the unvaccinated.

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