The Land of Oz – A Cautionary Tale


    by Craig Andresen, The National Patriot:

    Let’s be honest, you would have an easier time finding Atlantis, or whatever happened to the bits and pieces of whatever crashed near Roswell in 1947 than you would have finding the Land of Oz.

    “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” by Frank Baum, was a tale of the downfall of the populist movement of the late 1800s. It was a satire regarding the political, economic, and social situation that existed in this country at the dawn of a new century. Oz is the abbreviation for an ounce, which happens to be how we measure gold. The yellow brick road was the gold you followed to get whatever you desired.

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    To Frank Baum, “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” wasn’t a children’s fairy tale, it was political satire, and that becomes more than evident when you read from the stage production penned by Baum himself in 1902, in which the Tin Woodsman wonders about his fate should he run out of oil, to which the scarecrow responds, “You wouldn’t be as badly off as John D. Rockefeller. He’d lose six thousand dollars a minute if that happened.”


    Another line of thought has been that “the cyclone that carried Dorothy to the Land of Oz represents the economic and political upheaval.”

    According to some, the scarecrow represented the American farmer and their troubles at the turn of that century, the tin man represented American industry and their struggle to survive international competition, while the cowardly lion was a metaphor for our military during the Spanish-American war.

    Do we have a cyclone of political and economic upheaval today? You bet. Are the American farmers having trouble today? Indeed. How’s our industry doing today stacked up against global competition? How did our military leave Afghanistan?

    When it comes to the cowardly lion, think General Mark Milley – the woke Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who is far more concerned with indoctrinating our military in Critical Race Theory than he is with training them to fight.

    Is today’s Tin Woodsman worried about running out of oil, or is he trying to ban oil? Clearly the Woodsman wouldn’t be as bad off as the oil companies if oil were to be banned.

    Here, think John Kerrey, the United States special presidential envoy for climate who jet-sets around the world on a private jet lecturing people on the evils of using fossil fuels.

    Is today’s yellow brick road paved with freebies handed out by the liberal government and all you need to do to get what you desire is follow THAT road?

    And what of the Land of Oz itself? Back then, in 1900, it represented the utopia that everyone was looking for and all you had to do was stay on the path and do whatever the Wizard told you to do.

    It’s no different today. Just stay on the road paved with free money and do what liberals tell you to do or they’ll unleash their flying monkeys…FBI and IRS agents to get you.

    I suggest to you that the story is as accurate today as it was when it was first published in 1900, and the 1939 movie version could be easily retooled for today’s political landscape.

    Let me explain…

    There’s Dorothy, the average American representing what’s best about our nation. She had empathy for farmers and ranchers, and knew that industry had to overcome global competition in order to make our nation great. Dorothy also knew that in order to have a great nation, our nation needed a bold, confident and proud military, but all were trapped in a senseless nightmare of political malfeasance. She missed the way things used to be when we were free, self-reliant and independent.

    Dorothy, and we just want to get back to that place, but there were and are perils that had to be navigated on the journey.

    Today, there’s Nancy Pelosi, the Wicked Witch of the West, representing the political elite whose financial interests are above their sense of the people.

    Then we have those flying monkeys I mentioned earlier, and the Munchkins…common folks in uncommon times.

    The Land of Oz? Well, that’s a representation of the government itself…the power over the people. In the original story the only way for the people to get what they needed was to follow the yellow brick road to the government and beg the government to care for them. In today’s version of the story, that path is being paved with other people’s money…gold stolen from the pockets of the common folks.

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