The 2022 Election is the Opening Salvo in the Repudiation of America’s Elites


    by Steve McCann, American Thinker:

    A massive Republican victory in the 2022 midterm elections is imperative in stopping the disastrous policies of the Marxist left.  However, far more important and potentially more enduring than a temporary victory by the Republican Party, is that this election can be the American citizenry’s opening salvo in the permanent repudiation and marginalization of the American Elites or ruling class.  They are a clique that has betrayed and broken faith with the American people through their mindless infatuation with Barack Obama and near-psychotic obsession with defeating Donald Trump.

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    The elites can be loosely defined as those in the small minority of wealth, power, and prestige who have influence or control over the structures and institutions that govern a nation and stage-manage its culture and society.

    This cabal can be further defined within three categories based on who they are:

    1. The political or governing elites: those who take an active or influential role in the administration of political power whether through government or various non-government institutions such as universities and the corporate media.
    2. The economic elites: those who are the wealthiest Americans by income and net worth,  many of whom oftentimes use their wealth to influence or abet government and manipulate society.
    3. The cultural elites: those that have an over-sized influence through their social standing and prestige emanating from the entertainment complex, sports or media, many of whom frequently use that status to shape and affect the culture.

    Over the past 14 years the bulk of the American people have been forcibly awakened to the breathtaking level of narcissism, obliviousness, and megalomania of this ostensibly well-educated and influential cabal (who are overwhelmingly members of the Democrat party) but who are also scattered throughout the Republican Party hierarchy.

    In 2008, because of his skin color and ability to deliver a speech, the American elites embraced a juvenile infatuation with Barack Obama and unabashedly catapulted him into the presidency.  While the elites mindlessly acquiesced, Obama mainstreamed American Marxism into government and society and facilitated the de facto takeover of the Democrat party by these same Marxists.

    For eight years of Obama, the American people were exposed to overt denigration of America and its history as well as cultural disintegration, racism and racial animosity. For the last two years, Americans have endured the economic, foreign and societal disasters of a senescent Joe Biden, an Obama minion stage managed by Obama administration puppeteers like Susan Rice and Valerie Jarrett.

    On the other hand, for four years the American people experienced the forthright pro-Americanism and overwhelming economic and foreign successes of Donald Trump.

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