Something Freakily Weird About The Paul Pelosi Attack – Looking More And More Like An Election False Flag! The More We Find Out About The Circumstances, The More Questions We Have


    by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

    As most that follow politics know, soon-to-be former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Paul was attacked early Friday morning, resulting in hospitalization and brain surgery after taking a hammer to the head by the assailant, 42 year old David DePape.

    Those are the facts.

    If those facts seem to be awful thin it is because a number of things were instantly reported about the attack, with the media claiming almost immediately that DePape was a “right-winger,” extremist, who ran two blog sites with conspiracy and “right-wing” rhetoric, all suggesting the attack was politically motivated, until more information was revealed.

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    This is where everything gets strange.

    The man lived in what has been referred to as a “hippie” commune, had Black Lives Matter signs, anti-capitalism signage, and another bumper sticker with the definition of liberal on it and a slap to conservatives.

    Left wing messaging on back of DePape home camper

    Top that off with a marijuana flag hanging off the tree in the yard of where he lived and we have…. a die-hard conservative??????


    Wait, no. That doesn’t make sense. Unless you are a liberal that took this story and ran with the initial media reporting, which was a case-closed rightwing attack.


    The questions about the “official media narrative” began almost instantly, when we saw reports that Pelosi managed to use his cell phone, while DePape was right there in his home with him, to call 911, with claims he spoke in “code” telling them someone was there, looking for his wife Nancy, and that he didn’t know him but was a “friend.”

    Eerily enough that isn’t even very strange in comparison to other information that started coming out.

    A Politico screenshot had another bit of information that instantly brought on more questions than answers.

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