Silver – Are Long Term Cycles Real and Practical?


by Argentus Maximus, TF Metals Report:

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This is a short review of silver cycle forecasts of the past, I list various cycles to be checked out, and end with a look forward.


I have written about silver cycles in TFMR before and looked at their persistence over time, and how they might have changed since they were originally discovered.

By the way, its always good to check out if somebody has a track record or a record of mistakes, or they just arrived at the party fresh and innocent. Digging is good exercise for the body and brain alike. So if you wish to do some digging to see more, here are handy links:

Silver Market Cycles written 1 June 2014 can be read here:

A later article Where the long term silver cycles are now written 21 Sept 2014 is here:…

My review when i looked back at them from now, eight years later, is that I’m ok with them but would write them differently now.

I did a search for silver market cycles and notice this subject seems to be less talked about now. Has interest waned? Did the impatient to make a gigantic score move to crypto leaving silver inhabited by more patient players? I’m not sure.

I sense that the people who populate the silver market, retail side, tend to be mixed in many ways but also tend to have a common idea that the conventional financial system is less trustworthy that it ought to be.

Given the events of the last few years it appears possibly that distrust of “official” and “authoritative” information sources, etcetera, would be about to collapse. My posts in TFMR have looked for example at the collapse of support for Disney (DIS) and proposed that my idea that this is a leading edge example, a case study if you like, of a bigger collapse in general everything “official” would be proved as time passes. The coming twelve months will see how that idea works out. Shocking for many, I suspect.

But silver investors are the few, not the many. Are silver investors “prepared” for what is in the pipeline (not natgas if you’re in Germany!) coming our way? Maybe some are. And, has this happened before?

If it did, cycles might show how something similar worked out before now. Looking back to see forwards better … is this a practical idea?

That’s what this article/essay is about.

So to get stuck in if I search for cycles in silver, long term cycles in silver I get certain results. ITS REALLY STRANGE HOW MY OWN ARTICLES IN TFMR USING THESE EXACT TITLES DON’T COME UP IN THE SEARCH. But, you know, distrust of sources and all that.

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So what did I find in my search for silver cycles?

This is a summary :

Gertrude Shirk of Foundation for The Study of Cycles described 30 yr, 9 yr and 5 yr/6 1mth cycles

Tim Wood described 5 yr/61.3 mth and 10 yr/120.6 mth cycles in silver.

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