“SEALED” List of Privileged Documents Seized in Trump Mar-a-Lago Case Accidentally Leaked, Gives Closest Look at What FBI Seized Yet


    by Kyle Becker, Becker News:

    A “sealed” list of Trump’s documents that were seized in the FBI’s raid at Mar-a-Lago was accidentally leaked from the docket and temporarily made publicly available.

    “A judge ordered that the logs stay under seal, but they appeared to be inadvertently posted to the public court docket, according to Bloomberg, which first reported on the documents,” far-left media outlet Salon reported. “The filing, which is no longer publicly visible, included a combination of government, business and personal documents. Some of these records included analysis of who should get a pardon, retainer agreements for lawyers and accountants as well as legal bills.”

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    However, the leaked “sealed” document can be read in full below:

    “SEALED” Docs in Trump MAL Case: Notice of Status of Filter Review With Exhibits a and b by Kyle Becker on Scribd

    It contains a list of documents reviewed and segregated by the filter review team. There are some interesting items here.

    These documents include:

    • Draft 2019 immigration initiative
    • Congressional clemency request for “RN”
    • Senate clemency request for “RN”
    • Printed email between Head Baseball Coach at U.S Air Force Academy and White House
    • Unsigned letter from Kasowitz Benson & Torress to Robert Mueller dated 6/23/2017
    • Document titled “Executive Action to Curb Illegal Immigration and Move Towards Merit-Based Entry” (2 copies)
    • Printed email between White House and National Security Council regarding John Walker Lindh’s release
    • Letter to President regarding Ted Suhl clemency and Ted Suhl commutation internal analysis (2 copies)
    • Publicly filed letter to judge regarding Rod Blagojevich clemency
    • Publicly filed letter to Congress regarding Rod Blagojevich clemency
    • Internal pardon package for “IR” and “JC”
    • Internal pardon package for “MB”
    • Printed email from Charles Harder to New York Times
    • Document titled ‘Meeting Requests for Your Approval”; post-it note “For POTUS Review”
    • Document titled “Molly’s Questions for POTUS Approval”
    • Printed email dated 12/31/2020 from Kurt Hilbert in White House email account regarding signed verifications for Fulton County lawsuit and federal complaint and three verifications
    • Printed email dated 12/31/2020 from Kurt Hilbert to White House email account sharing 10 files regarding federal lawsuit
    • Contents of red folder marked “NARA letters & other copies”
    • Contents of manila folder marked “NARA letters one top sheet + 3 signing sheets”
    • 35 pages, each titled “The President’s Calls” with the Presidential Seal in the upper corner, containing handwritten names, numbers, and [blank]

    Then there is a final item: Miscellaneous handwritten notes, including a “Message from Rudy.”

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