Remote Controlled Explosives Probably Used to Sabotage Nord Stream


by Andrew Anglin, The Unz Review:

Lowering in remotely detonated bombs seems to make the most sense. Otherwise, you’d either way to send someone down there in a scuba suit, or you’d have to shoot the pipes with some kind of torpedo.


The Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines may have been sabotaged by a remotely detonated underwater explosive device, Sky News reported on Wednesday citing a UK defense source.


The Russian natural gas pipelines might have been breached by mines lowered to the seabed on a long line, or explosives dropped from a boat or planted by an undersea drone, and the bomb may have been placed “months or even years ago,” the report says.

That’s interesting.

Brandon and his Jews announced months ago that they have the ability to blow up the pipeline. They assured us they have the ability to blow it up.

The source added that the explosives were unlikely to have been planted by a Russian submarine, as the Baltic Sea is relatively shallow, making such a clandestine operation not hard to detect.

However, the source said that “a suspected act of sabotage” was “possibly” carried out by Russia, without providing any evidence to support this claim.

Another “Western source” quoted by the outlet suggested that the Kremlin’s outrage over the damage was suspicious, quipping that Moscow “doth protest too much.”

Earlier, Russia voiced its concern over the rupture of its pipelines, saying it could have grave consequences for energy supplies to the “entire continent,” and called for an immediate investigation into the matter. It also denounced any allegations that it had orchestrated an act of sabotage as “stupid and absurd.”

Sky News asked one of the Danes about this “theory” that the Russians did the bombing. He flinched.

This war is being done by the US and the UK, and they are the ones pushing this crazy shit. Europe doesn’t have any interest in this war. Of course, that’s not to say that the people of the US and UK have any interest in this war, but we are the center of the Anal Empire.

This pipeline attack is an attack on Europe more than it is an attack on Russia. Russia has the gas. Europe is now without gas. They no longer have the option of negotiating to get the gas back, which was the goal of the US. They’re also forced to buy American LNG, which was also a goal of the US.

Europe has been an American vassal state since the end of World War II, but before they were at least prosperous. Now the US is telling them to freeze, and when they say they’re not sure they want to freeze, the US bombs their pipes.

A fourth rupture was just detected by Sweden.


The Swedish coast guard has said it’s discovered a fourth Nord Stream gas pipeline leak. The key infrastucture was damaged earlier this week in an alleged act of sabotage.

Initially, it was believed that the pipelines at the bottom of the Baltic Sea were damaged in three locations, with two strings of Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 being affected.

But Swedish coast guard spokesperson Jenny Larsson told the Svenska Dagbladet newspaper on Thursday that there were in fact four leaks in the undersea infrastructure. “Two of these four are in Sweden’s exclusive economic zone,” Larsson said, adding that the two others were in the Danish exclusive zone.

They are saying that this cannot be repaired.


If the damage is not repaired quickly enough, too much salty sea water could run into the pipes lying at the bottom of the Baltic Sea and irreversibly corrode them, German officials have warned, according to the news media outlet. Denmark said on Wednesday that its authorities would be able to launch a probe into the issue no sooner than in a week or two due to “safety concerns,” Tagesspiegel added.

The media outlet does not mention any plans for repair work by either Russia or Germany.

A group of senior German MPs were quick to point the finger at Russia and blame Moscow for the incident. “An attack on the energy supply infrastructure is intended to spread fear and terror,” Roderich Kiesewetter, a German MP and spokesman for crisis prevention for the Conservative Union parliamentary group, told the RND media group.

No one thinks the US didn’t do this. They all know that. If we all know that, there is no way that they don’t all know that.

The media is going to keep claiming that it was Russia, despite how nonsensical this is.

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