Mainstream “science” beginning to question manufacturer claims about mRNA, as pharma giants REFUSE to share underlying data


    by Ethan Huff, DC Clothesline:

    The German news outlet Welt says that increasingly more mainstream scientists are questioning the alleged safety and effectiveness of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines.”

    Because jab manufacturers are still refusing to allow any independent verification of the data, it is impossible to say what these injections are truly doing to people, an article from Welt explains. (Related: We do know that mRNA spike proteins are being found inside the brains and hearts of deceased jab recipients.)

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    “In scientific circles, doubts arise as to whether the information provided by the manufacturers about the mRNA vaccine is correct,” the article reads. “BioNtech / Pfizer and Moderna have so far refused to independently verify the data.”

    It goes on to state that unlikely bedfellows – virologists, epidemiologists, and pharmacologists – are coming together out of frustration to demand that all internal data about the injections be released for proper study.

    “The studies are published,” the article further reads.

    “However, the primary data, scientifically the decisive documents, are missing. All vaccine evaluations of the registration studies are based on them. Until now, the documents have been kept under lock and key by the manufacturers, and they are refusing requests to see them.”

    Where’s the science, Big Pharma?

    The gist of the piece is that the science is not settled on the shots because nobody has ever been able to see said science – assuming it even exists as claimed.

    Chances are that Big Pharma slopped together a hodgepodge of nonsense under the cover of darkness and presented it to the corrupt U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as evidence, an voila: instant authorization followed by approval.

    The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is also complicit, having worked alongside the FDA to rush the jabs to market at warp speed, just like Donald Trump wanted.

    What was published in Welt about this issue would never appear in any mainstream media outlet here in the United States. That is because our media is completely bought-off when it comes to all things pharmaceutical and vaccine.

    “It looks like choosing to remain in the control group was a good move,” wrote a commenter about how he feels more secure than ever after having rejected the shots.

    “Each and every day I am happier with my choice to remain jab-free,” added another. “Thank God that my wife and kids remained jab-free as well.”

    Another wondered if the reason why the “fully vaccinated” are angry at the unvaccinated is because they know deep down inside that they made a monumental mistake that cannot be undone.

    “I think much of the hate that came from the vaxxed toward the unvaxxed was motivated by an inner realization that they (the vaxxed) had made a mistake, and they demanded that others join them in their mistake,” this person wrote.

    “Like misery, fear and uncertainty love company.”

    So-called “purebloods,” wrote another, have something special in that their pure blood is valuable and life-giving, as opposed to the impure blood of the fully jabbed.

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