by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

    Happy Halloween everyone… may we have many more…! I say that, because it’s becoming a dodgy proposition.

    Why do I say that? Well…

    …thanks to K.M. for spotting and sharing this one, because it’s confirmation of something I’ve been warning about for years, namely, the more the USSA throws its reserve currency weight around, and starts endless “small” wars, and more lately, talks about nuclear war, the more promises to other powers that it breaks – such as the one made to Mikhail Gorbachev as the Soviet Union was collapsing that in return for the reunification of Germany, the USSA would not move the borders of NATO eastward (think the Ukraine) nor station any NATO or American troops in the former Warsaw pact nations- the more it breaks promises it has no intention of keeping (the American Indians know something of this history) the more it becomes a pariah government which no one will ever trust again, and that’s quite a proposition for such a short national history. I know I know… the whole proposition sounds like what my mother used to call a “knee slapper,” something so hilariously not true it makes you wonder why anyone would ever believe it.

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    But anyway, back to my “main point de jour“: the USSA has been hell-bent (note the diabolical reference) on establishing its own global, worldwide, unipolar hegemony since the end of the Soviet Union, and making everyone else cow-tow to the will of increasingly zanily insane Swampington DC uni-party, that even our allies are thinking twice about being our ally, and that includes our oldest ally, France, without which we wouldn’t even be a country, thank you Admiral Francois Joseph Paul Comte de Grasse.  The hegemony of the uni-party wokery dominating American culture, which appears to want to make childhood transgender surgery some sort of human right, is probably not going to play too well in Paris, Berlin, Rome, Madrid, and probably even less well in Buda-pest, Warsaw, Moscow, Cairo, Tel Aviv, Tehran, New Dehli, Tokyo, Beijing, Taipei (inhale) Buenos Aires, Brasilia, Santiago, Algiers, Tripoli, … well… you get the idea.  Threatening to rain bombs down on people not willing to cow-tow to American wokery is not helping matters either, and constantly binding nations into a dollar-lined cage isn’t helping.

    In the midst of this, I’ve been warning for some time that pariah status is where the sclerotic leadership class of the USSA is leading us, and it appears to be happening according to this article that K.M. sent along:

    Scholz and Macron threaten trade retaliation against Biden

    Now, we’ve seen such empty threats from Europe’s “big two” before, and there’s more reason for the present moment not to take M. Macron and Herr Scholz too seriously, not the least of which is the rising tide of opposition to their whole globalooneyist schemes within their own countries. But the more serious reason not to take them too seriously is that Germany’s military was gutted by die verrueckte Frau Merkel and her lap-poodle-in-chief and former minister of defenselessness, Ursula “Lyin'” von der Leyen. These two wretched verrueckte Frauen also  managed to completely gut Germany’s nuclear and coal power industry leaving that country reliant on France for protection, and power, but the only one happy about this arrangement is probably Cardinal Richelieu. And France has signaled it is not willing to go to war over the Ukraine. It isn’t even mildly interested.

    So the bottom line is, for the moment, Europe is undeniably weak vis a vis Swampington DC, the euro is a tatters, there is no “European” military, and Germany’s power industry, economy, and military are a wreck.  If you’re in Europe, and reading this, you can thank the globaloneyist governments for the mess.  There’s nothing for the short or mid-term that Germany, France, or Europe can do about it. Nichts, nada, nothing.

    But something tells me there’s more to this latest round of Euro-plaining (European complaining) than the ordinary pattern we’ve become accustomed to seeing, just as I suspected there was much more afoot in the former and late Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s negotiations with the Russians than met the eye.

    In a nutshell, if you were any self-respecting leader of a European nation, and especially one of the European powers, would you look at the USSA as an ally that not only you trust but respect? Would you want to turn your future little Frenchman, or German, or Dutchman, or Italian, or Spaniard, or Hungarian, over to a country where some political leadership thinks it’s entirely ok to perform sex change surgery on minors, and views it as a human right, to a country where such views, while still a minority, are nevertheless widespread enough to be mouthed by some in leadership positions?  Would you want to rely on a military where similar doctrines were being forced on its soldiers, sailors, and airmen recruits?

    My point is just this: without a dramatic, and deep seated course change in the USSA, one that will outlive the merely four-to-eight year reprieve from the nonsense that American elections occasionally bring, and swing the culture back to some sort of genuine humanity and rationality, would you want to be our ally? or would you be thinking, like the late Shinzo Abe, and now apparently Emanuel Macron and Olaf Scholz, that maybe, just maybe, the old alliance is not working out as billed, and that it’s time for some basic reassessment and fundamental readjustment?

    My bet is, that just like they concluded a few years ago in Moscow, that they’ve just privately concluded the same thing at the Elysee Palace and the Bundeskanzlei:

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