Hunter Biden’s Business Partner Reveals Disgraced FBI Agent Ignored Evidence of Bidens’ ‘Multiple Felonies’


    by Kyle Becker, Becker News:

    Tony Bobulinski, Hunter Biden’s former business partner, sat down with Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night for a primetime interview, where he  revealed the evidence of “multiple felonies” committed by the First Family that he turned over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, only for it to go ignored. Watch:

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    “For the sake of our country for national security,” Bobulinski said about why he came forward. “At that point he was a candidate, Joe Biden. Now he’s the sitting President of the United States, the most powerful person in the free world. And daunting.”

    “So at the end of that five plus hour interview, the head of station, told my lawyers, ‘Listen, an individual name named Tim Thibault is going to run points on all of this.’ We’re definitely gonna have Tony come back in for a follow up interview. Could be as early as next week,’” he continued.

    “Some of the people that were in the room weren’t well versed on all these facts. We may want to have people come in from Baltimore or Delaware and, you know, I was ready to sit down with anybody that needed me to or travel wherever I wanted to,” he went on. “And so the head of station and gave my lawyers Tim Thibault’s cell phone number.”

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