GMO mosquitoes now secretly VACCINATING people without their consent


    by Ethan Huff, Natural News:

    New research published in the journal Science Translational Medicine reveals that Big Pharma is now using insects to deliver “vaccines” to humans without their knowledge or consent.

    For their trial, researchers artificially furnished 200 mosquitoes with live, malaria-causing plasmodium parasites that had been genetically modified (GMO) to inject a malaria vaccine into the arms of human test subjects.

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    The stated goal of the project is to deliver vaccines via bugs as opposed to traditional syringes, in this case with GMO mosquitoes that will be released into the wild to randomly inject as many people as possible with the poisons. (Related: Starting in 2020, a two-year, Bill Gates-backed project began releasing more than 750 million GMO mosquitoes throughout the Florida Keys.)

    “We use the mosquitoes like they’re 1,000 small flying syringes,” bragged Dr. Sean Murphy, a Seattle physician and scientist, and lead author of the paper, which was published on August 24.

    Seattle, by the way, is where Bill Gates lives, along with Microsoft, a multinational corporation he helped co-found. It is hardly surprising, in other words, that the trial took place there.

    GMO mosquito made participant sick with malaria, which was supposedly impossible

    According to the scientists involved, the GMO plasmodium parasites delivered by the altered mosquitoes is non-infective. This means they do not make people sick, supposedly, but still cause their bodies to create antibodies against a “weakened” form of malaria.

    As usual, the claim is that such technology is needed to “save lives.” It just so happens that there is no informed consent involved in this mass drugging project, which Murphy claims he is “not planning to use … to vaccinate millions of people.”

    The question remains: do we believe him? Who is to say that these GMO mosquitoes have not already been secretly released, such as in the Florida Keys as was previously promised by Gates himself?

    And just because Murphy is not personally planning to mass-vaccinate people with GMO mosquitoes does not mean that Gates or someone else isn’t planning to. Clearly there is an endgame involved with this type of science, and that endgame is ominous to say the least.

    Since millions upon millions of people are waking up to the vaccine scam, in large part due to the covid scamdemic, mad science is developing other ways to quietly and nondescriptly vaccinate people without them even knowing they have been vaccinated.

    This is evil on steroids, and it is exactly the type of thing we have come to expect from the likes of Gates, who lives to vaccinate.

    Speaking of Gates, the guy, via his “non-profit” foundation, has spent billions over the past decade developing, you guessed it: a new malaria vaccine. As already mentioned, Gates then released nearly a billion GMO mosquitoes in the Keys to test out the project.

    One participant in the new trial, Carolina Reid, says she tested positive for malaria during the study, even though it was supposedly impossible for the tainted bugs to actually make any of the participants sick.

    “I actually cried when they told me I had malaria because I developed such a close relationship with the nurses,” Reid, who was paid $4,100 for her participation, said, adding that she really, really wanted to complete the trials but was refused.

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