Facebook ‘Whistleblower’ Frances Haugen Teams Up with Deep Staters and Democrats to ‘Fix’ Social Media


by Allum Bokhari, Breitbart:

Frances Haugen, the Facebook “whistleblower” who was turned into a celebrity by politicians and the establishment media for demanding sweeping censorship of social media, is teaming up with former members of the Deep State, establishment Republicans, and top Democrats to “fix” social media.

The coalition is called the Council for Responsible Social Media, and is a project of Issue One, a nonprofit which according to CNBC plans to “address the harmful impacts social media can have on kids, communities and national security.”

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The Council’s founding members include Chris Krebs, the former federal cybersecurity official who turned on Trump in the final months of his presidency, and who, like Haugen, was made into a star media pundit as a reward.

The nonprofit is filled with other former Deep State bigwigs.

Its members also include retired NSA director and U.S. Navy admiral Michael S. Rogers, former CIA director Michael Gross, and two former Secretaries of Defense: Chuck Hagel and Leon Panetta.

In comments to CNBC, Haugen said she wanted to ensure platforms were “safe by design” instead of relying on content moderation to remove material she and her establishment friends dislike.

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