Coming This Winter: The European Commission Pushes EU States Towards WHO’s Pandemic Treaty


by Rhoda Wilson, Expose News:

Between the beginning of June and the middle of 1 July 2022 Europe saw a tripling of Covid cases. Since then, case numbers have been falling again, but remain high among people aged 65 years and over, with consequent increases in hospitalisation rates and intensive care unit (“ICU”) admissions in this age group. Overall, more than 2 300 people still die every week in the Europe Union (“EU”) of Covid. These numbers are worrying not least since they are likely to be an underestimation of the real situation.


Our regular readers would be forgiven for thinking these are words to introduce one of our usual and repeated warnings about the harms due to Covid injections or another of our articles about the “pandemic of the vaccinated.”  But it’s not.  They are words taken from the first paragraph of the European Commission’s ‘EU response to Covid-19: preparing for autumn and winter 2023’ published on 2 September 2022.

Please note the Commission’s sleight of hand: “people still die every week in Europe of Covid.” “Of” or “with” Covid as opposed to “from” or “due to” Covid has been one of the manipulative terms used by governments around the world to create the numbers of deaths by labelling anyone who died after a positive PCR test as a “Covid death.”  It is known that the use of a PCR test during the so-called “pandemic” was fraudulent.  The Covid test has merely been used as a tool to fabricate the numbers of Covid “cases.”  It has been key to creating the illusion of a pandemic and to modify our behaviour.

Next in the Commission’s introduction to their document comes another of their psychological tactics – public guilt and shaming, blaming the public’s behaviour for the increase in “Covid deaths”:

“All countries have lifted most restrictions and their populations are experiencing pandemic fatigue, which can lead to changes in behaviour. These factors make it easier for the virus to circulate rapidly in the EU and this opens the door to new variants emerging that could evade immunity, spread more easily or cause more severe disease.”

Now that they have attempted to make the public feel responsible for the deaths “of” Covid, then comes the push for more vaccines while, again, making out that it is the behaviour of the public that is to blame, highlighting those who have chosen not to take part in their experiment. And of course, there is no mention that their experimental injections are unsafe and ineffective:

“Among people aged 60 years and over, 7.5 % are still unvaccinated and 16.3 % have not received their first booster. Looking at the vaccination rates in adults, 14.1% of people aged 18 and over are unvaccinated and 35.5 % have not received their first booster.

“While protection from vaccines continues to be high against severe outcomes (severe diseases, hospitalisation and death), protection is also waning, as most people received their last shot several months ago.

“The past 2 years have shown that the EU could face another Covid-19 wave this autumn and winter. With people returning from holidays, schools reopening, and colder weather driving people indoors for social gatherings, infection rates could further spike.

“This communication … urges Member States to put the necessary integrated strategies and measures in place to help avoid a surge of Covid-19 this autumn and winter … Moreover, the Commission calls on Member States for continued coordination of preparedness efforts across the EU, ahead of the next wave and further rollout of vaccination programmes … by continuing to act now, we can limit the expected pressure on our healthcare systems, the disruption of our economies and challenges for our society.”

The only strategy that should be put in place is to immediately halt vaccinations and hold those who have manufactured, supplied, marketed, promoted or administered them accountable for the harm they have caused.

We could pick out all the misinformation and disinformation contained in this document and demonstrate how the overarching plan is to “herd” us into the waiting arms of a one-world health dictatorship under the watchful eye of the World Health Organisation.  But it would make this article unnecessarily lengthy and there is ample information on our website as well as dozens of others who have been warning about this for many months.  So, below we have simply extracted some phrases and statements from the European Commission’s plan to highlight that the hour is near and now is not the time to be complacent.

Vaccines are the Solution

The next three pages of their 14-page communication are focused on vaccines: vaccine development and availability; and rolling out the next Covid vaccination.

“Different vaccines will be made available at different times in the coming weeks and months, Member States should consider both the potential protection offered by adapted vaccines and the benefits of vaccinating people in particular risk groups at the right time … they should be rolled out ahead of the next wave … The priority of national vaccination campaigns should remain improving vaccine uptake of the primary vaccination course and first booster dose.”

Essential Areas for Increased Efforts

The next 8 pages deal with “essential areas for increased efforts.”  Below we have highlighted a few statements contained within the Commissions document which indicate their upcoming plans, a repeat of the failed and harmful policies of 2020/2021.  The emphasis is as per the Commission’s document:


“There is an urgent need to develop and sustain resilient population-based integrated surveillance systems … Data from such surveillance systems will enable countries to closely monitor the spread and intensity of circulating respiratory viruses and to detect changes in trends and the emergence of new variants of concern. This will, in turn, guide control measures and mitigate the impact of new variants. These systems will be a key element at this stage of the pandemic and for possible future cross-border health threats.

“On 18 July 2022, the ECDC and the World Health Organisation Regional Office for Europe published guidance13 with practical advice for countries on setting up effective surveillance systems and ensuring continuity of national surveillance in the 2022-2023 winter season and beyond.

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