Sunday Talks, Neil Oliver – Those with Trumpets are Not Going to be Silent in the Fight Against Tyranny and Nihilistic Collectivism


from The Conservative Treehouse:

It took an extra 12-hrs before the powers that be permitted the full video of Neil Oliver’s remarks from this week to be presented for replay (yesterday only a 4-minute segment was available).  However, that said, Mr Oliver speaks for many people when he outlines the nature of the political turmoil between the ‘elites’ and those they consider the ‘proles.’  WATCH:


[Transcript] – Those who speak out are shouted down until they are proved right. Again and again, and again we are made to watch, or to endure the crude, bullying tactics of the school playground. Reasoned debate and argument have long since gone over the hill into history. Now it’s just one long slanging match, in which the loudest, angriest and most effectively insulting voices seek to win by volume alone, so often echoed by mainstream media who hold reasoned voices in contempt … apparently preferring to ridicule and diminish rather than provide courteous space for those who merely have questions in need of answers.

Again and again, those shouted down are, however, revealed as having been right all along.

Those who spoke out against lockdowns were shouted down until they were proved right about irreparable harm done, the harms that confront us now in every aspect of our lives.


Those who doubted the efficacy and safety of so-called vaccines were shouted down – until they were proved right, and it became irrefutable and undeniable that those medical procedures did not work as advertised and had resulted in death and permanent injury for uncounted numbers.

Those who spoke out about the existence of rape gangs in British cities were shouted down until they were proved right and some … just some … of the victims finally had their voices heard and our establishment was shamed for having knowingly stood by for decades while uncounted thousands of the most vulnerable souls were treated like meat by men acting with impunity. All of it was excused and covered up on the grounds that to do otherwise would have brought accusations of racism.

Shouting down has become a universal and even when it is proven wrong, never is there any backing down by the loudest, any real admission of error. Instead, those voices just move on to their next target. But by now, the truth is that too much harm has been done and any temptation to shy away from confrontation is long behind us. Now more than ever is the time firmly to say, “enough” – we will not be silenced, however loudly we are condemned. This is precisely the moment when those questioning the dogma must find renewed strength for the fight.

Those who questioned the wisdom of sacrificing fossil fuels and nuclear energy on the altar of the so-called Green agenda, are yet more of those who have been proved right after all.

Now millions face a winter of cold and hunger – and futures blighted by the deliberate and whole sale diminishing of opportunities – on account of generations of political policies bordering on the suicidal. In the birthplace of the industrial revolution that illuminated the entire world, the lights are going out because economically illiterate politicians wanted to live out adolescent fantasies of saving the world.

I say it’s not the world in need of saving – but us, from them and the compound consequences of their vanity and greed.

Those who questioned and continue to question the so-called settled science of climate crisis are no longer just shouted down but demonized as latter-day heretics apparently fit for little less than burning at the stake.

Those who simply have questions about the war in Ukraine – about committing billions of pounds to war while Britons face the darkest winter of their lifetimes are shouted down as Putin-loving enemies of democracy. The shouting down is the response to every contrary voice, and the shouting down on this matter must stop as well.

Those who have questions about mass immigration – who fear the inevitable erosion and dilution of British culture by beliefs and behaviours of utterly different sorts arriving in their midst at an excessive rate, are still being shouted down now, even as the ancient religious hatreds of the sub-continent emerge, large as life, on English streets. If questions can’t be asked, how can answers be found?

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