Re-Asserting The Rights Of The People


    by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

    It is time for this to be passed into law and if it is not, for all Americans to cease cooperation and working to anything beyond the bare minimum to avoid being fired until it is.

    It is clear that the Covid “emergency” is in fact over and has been for quite some time.  The “emergency” is being maintained for one reason only — it allows pharmaceutical companies to manufacture and sell products that do not meet the legal requirements for sale under other than “Emergency Use Authorization.” 

    It is long past the point where we, the people, must end this charade and thus the following is proposed.

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    The Normalization Of Life Act

    Congress finds that the abuse of “Emergencies” has been rampant since the signing into law of the National Emergencies Act in 1976 by Gerald Ford.

    Emergency powers, and the acts related to them, often begin as legitimate needs.  A tornado, hurricane, earthquake or Act of War usually occurs without prior notice and requires a response before Congress can reasonably meet and debate legislation.  As a result these powers are reasonable, provided they are used as a stop-gap measure until Congress can meet and consider both the events and proposed mitigations through regular order.

    Prior to Covid there were 31 national emergencies that “occurred” post that 1976 law yet were never rescinded, which counts more than half of those ever declared.  This is clearly abusive and, by its nature, unconstitutional as the power to impose constraints rests via legislation, not executive fiat.

    Therefore be it resolved that:

    • A national emergency once declared has a ninety day lifetime within the Executive and cannot be renewed by the Executive for the event(s) originating at the same time.  Confirming the existence and continued powers of a national emergency must be performed by Congress within that ninety days or it shall lapse with all powers dissolving on the 91st day.
    • Congress may only continue a national emergency for subsequent ninety day periods, and must pass a bill through both the House and Senate to continue any such emergency on ninety day or less intervals that is signed by the President or overridden if vetoed, without exception.  An emergency that fails to be reconfirmed on any 90 day interval automatically lapses.
    • No bill that continues a national emergency may be voted upon except by recorded vote and it may contain no provisions other than the extension and/or modification of the national emergency.
    • All existing “national emergencies” shall expire ninety days from the date on which this bill is passed and either signed or enacted over the President’s veto unless extended under these provisions.

    ———– END

    If Congress won’t pass this then we should all stop working to the limit of our capacity and thereby stop paying taxes and destroy the economy, stock market and Congressional authority until they do.

    Not one act of violence is required to force this change.

    Simply sit on your ass and give the finger to Washington DC to the maximum possible extent.

    Make that your “Labor Day” resolution.

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