No wonder why the Covid Plandemic turned into such a Kafkaesque Clusterf*ck!!!


from State Of The Nation:

Who doesn’t knows the self-evident adage of the Information Age: Garbage in, garbage out? Well, the following [INCONCEIVABLE] testimony was just sent to SOTN for our edification and also, perhaps, for our much needed amusement.

Very few folks are aware, but all of the major institutions of the entire planetary civilization are now directed by the most technologically advanced form of AI ever created—Autonomous Superintelligence.


For example, this leading edge AI technology has been responsible for artificially propping up the Global Economic & Financial System (GE&FS) which should have crashed and burned many years ago. Which is also why the upcoming and long-predicted market crash will be conducted by Aladdin—the Autonomous Superintelligence entity made especially for the financial and economic management of the GE&FS. As follows:
The 2022/2023 Controlled Demolition of the Global Economic &
Financial System is Being Conducted by… … …Aladdin.
In light of this stark reality, it ought to be equally apparent that the Covid Plandemic —- from start to finish — has been overseen by a specially fabricated Autonomous Superintelligence entity. As follows:
Welcome to the COVID-19 AI Simulation!
Brought to you by your AI ‘friends’ at DARPA.
Is there any doubt that the stunning success of OPERATION COVID-19 and Covid Super Vaccination Agenda were due to the exceedingly efficient propagation and dissemination of the Covid fear virus, not by the non-existent SARS-CoV-2 virus?
NWO Globalists Using Highly Advanced AI Platforms to
Generate Ever-Changing Fear Programs Worldwide
However, what the New World Order globalist cabal failed to understand is that, when employing the services of Autonomous Superintelligence (AS) in the highly complex and convoluted realm of global geopolitics and energy management, there is a whole new set of ‘rules and regulations’, guidelines and parameters which must be respected lest all hell breaks loose.
In light of the fact that all AS development is conducted under the auspices of the Khazarian International Crime Syndicate, the data inputs that are programmed into “THE PROPHETESS” are extremely skewed and prejudiced by rabid Russophobia. The Khazarian cabal, in its entirety, is so taken over by Russophobic characters that the CIA’s Mockingbird Media has saturated the Internet with info/data that is clearly “garbage in” content.
N.B. The following submission illustrates precisely how “garbage in, garbage out” AI can totally screw up the world, especially if it’s utilized in the administration of the global energy sector. Just take a close look at the Europe-wide energy clusterf*ck for proof … which is also quickly spreading across the whole world community of nations. Of course, which inhabitant of planet Earth has not experienced the Kafkaesque Covid Clusterf*ck for nearly 3 years?!?!

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