Medicine Goes Dangerously Insane


by Jared Taylor, The Unz Review:

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Is your doctor competent? For years, whites and Asians have had to be a lot better qualified than blacks or Hispanics to get into medical school. You have every reason to be suspicious of a “doctor of color.” But now the entire medical profession is going through a form of mass insanity that casts doubt on all doctors.

But let’s start with qualifications. Here are data for doctors who are just starting to practice now.


The figures are in three groups according to qualifications. The bars on the left were the chances of getting into medical school with a low MCAT score – that’s the Medical College Acceptance Text – of 24 to 26 and a GPA of only 3.2 to 3.39. Asians – the light blue bar – had only a 6 percent chance of being admitted, and whites, in gray, had an 8 percent chance. But Hispanics with low scores and grades – the dark blue bar – had a 31 percent chance and blacks had a 56 percent chance of getting in. Look at the results for the better qualified applicants. Being black or Hispanic is a huge advantage.

This has been the case for decades, but a thick new form of madness has spread over medicine: an anti-racism rampage that has several goals. Turn more blacks and Hispanics into doctors, no matter what. Make sure everyone in medicine is battling “structural racism” and “white supremacy” every moment of the day. Blame society – and especially white doctors – for the bad health of “people of color.” “Center” treatment of non-whites, which means treat them better. And, of course, persecute anyone who opposes this craziness.

It’s a matter of blind faith that “underrepresented minorities” – that’s blacks and Hispanics and sometimes American Indians – are just as smart and hard-working as whites and Asians – Asians are the over-represented minority. And that’s why people write articles like this with a straight face: “The Consequences of Structural Racism on MCAT Scores and Medical School Admissions.”

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