IN STATE AFTER STATE… Democrats Are Running as Republicans to Get Into Office – They Even Have a Name for It – They Call it “Secret Sleepers”


    by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

    Democrats are running as Republicans in races across America today. It’s the only way they can win in a majority of locations around the country. So they pretend to be Republicans until after they are elected.

    They even have a name for these Democrat plants. They’re called “secret sleepers.

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    In June Project Veritas released leaked audio of Democrat US Senate candidate Krystle Matthews speaking on the phone with an inmate at Perry Correctional Institution. Democrat Matthews called for “secret sleepers” to infiltrate the South Carolina Republican party.

    Krystle Matthews: “We need some secret sleepers. Like you need them to run as the other side, even though they for our side. And we need them to win… We need people to run as Republicans in these local elections. This is the only way you’re gonna change the dynamics in South Carolina.”

    Democrats have been running “secret sleepers” for years now.

    The Gateway Pundit wrote about this phenomenon earlier this year.

    In Missouri–

    ** Republicans hold a 24 to 10 advantage in the Missouri Senate.
    ** Republicans hold a 114 to 48 advantage in the Missouri House of Representatives.
    Trump won the state by 15 points.

    Recently, Missouri “Republicans” announced they are going to destroy the state by pushing ranked-choice voting.  This voting scheme endorsed by Democrats and alleged GOP donors ensures that Democrats win out in all future elections in Missouri.

    Missouri “Republicans” also passed a new gas tax in July at the peak of the Biden gas price spike.

    In Alaska–

    Republicans allowed ranked-choice voting to pass through referendum in 2020 allowing Democrats to steal all future elections.  In August the Democrats “won” their first House race in 50 years despite 60% of the vote being Republican voters.

    Wicked, selfish Lisa Murkowski supported this effort to destroy the state just so she had a better chance to “win” her election.

    In Wisconsin —

    “Republican” Speaker Robin Vos pushed for ballot drop boxes in the state.  Within 48 hours of the release of his election investigation, he threw the investigator under the bus by disregarding his call to decertify the election results and eliminate the WEC.

    The Wisconsin Senate Majority leader, a “Republican”, is even worse and completely ignores the will of conservative voters.

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