FOIA Documents: CSIS Links Freedom Convoy to ‘Domestic Terrorism’


by Joe Martino, The Pulse:

Following our Freedom of Information request, we received documents back from the Canadian Security & Intelligence Service regarding the Freedom Convoy.

The documents were widely redacted, as expected, but still contained some interesting takeaways.

With the video piece below I wanted to carefully consider the way in which there is a great deal of un-contained anger exerted online and the effects that has on the way government perceives what the public thinks of them.


While not all of us who are angry about the state of the world lash out online, I think this feeling of being consistently frustrated and upset with the state of the world can be draining and blocks us from making an effective impact towards change.

So in this piece I offer a few thoughts on why it’s important to process our anger in a healthy way to become more effective agents of change.

Link to learn more about processing frustration & anger.

Full documents here

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